15 Absolutely Normal Things You Didn’t Know Can Get You High

Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 2:32 pm

How can we reach a sense of relaxed euphoria without the use of drugs, plants, or alcohol? Here are some of Kristopher’s ideas combined with my own. I hope you get super-duper high off of some of this good, clean fun!

1. Meditation

As you start to meditate for longer, you experience a calm sense of euphoria…much like the high smokers feel from marijuana. The more you do it, the easier you’ll find yourself to get into this altered state – and unlike a drug, when you’re done meditating you’re no longer in this altered state, so you can go out and actually do stuff.


2. Hula Hooping (No Kidding!)

When you dance “yogicly” with hula hoops or some sort of tool that helps you mould your body to intricate geometries repeatedly, it is possible for your body to produce temporary consciousness expanding moments although your state of perception may remain long term. Wiggle wiggle, baby!


3. Kundalini Yoga

When you practice Kundalini Yoga, you move, breathe and concentrate in a very specific manner that encourages the level of consciousness necessary to experience your higher self, your union with the infinite.


4. Bikram Yoga

26 postures performed in 90 minutes in a carpeted room that’s 100 degrees or hotter. It certainly doesn’t sound glamorous, but you’ll be higher – and happier – when you leave with your clothes drenched with sweat than you’ll be after any nightclub. (As with any yoga practice, ask your doctor before you start.)


5. Get upside down

While it seems simplistic, turning upside down will change the way you perceive things on two levels. First, it will change your visual perspective. The ceiling becomes the floor. Floor lamps become chandeliers. Things in general just get strange. That aside, if you stay upside down for more than a few seconds, you will get a rush of blood to your head. Over a short period, this will result in a mildly-altered state of consciousness, but headstands should last for only a few seconds. Standing on your head for long periods of time is not recommended!!


6. Conscious love making

When we have sex full of conscious love, we allow our sexual experience to speak to our entire body rather than just the lower organs. Just like manufacturing a drug, the best way to ensure that the high is as good as possible is to make the experience as pure and loving as possible.


7. Sky diving

Craving a “speedy” feeling? Adrenaline junkies agree that sky diving gives a high that cannot be replicated and lasts for hours after you land. If this is too heady for you, try the next high:


Get High

8. Roller Coaster ride

It is the low and cheap level of sky diving.


9. Extended exercise

Marathoners report a runner’s high like no other thanks to a release of endorphines. However, studies show that you don’t have to run 26.2 miles to get a similar release – you just have to push harder than usual. The first exercise high I ever experience was from boxing. I’ve never been punching and laughing at the same time!



10. Take a Clary Sage oil bath.

Adding Clary Sage oil to a nice warm bath has an other-worldly calming effect. While it is easy to be sceptical of “hippie things” like aroma therapy baths, this one works so well, that I would heed warning and not try this while drinking alcohol (it is supposed to have strong narcotic effects). After a few minutes in the tub with Clary Sage Oil (found at your local health food store) you’ll feel a heaviness in you temples and a sense of light headedness. This is a little bit unnerving at first, but after a few more minutes you’ll feel relaxed – VERY relaxed.



11. Limelight, a little!

Let yourself be the center of attention. Give a speech, perform in a play or sing at open mic night. You will get a rush of adrenaline that keeps you high the way drugs might.



12. Nutmeg

Consuming 4-8 teaspoons of ground nutmeg might make you hallucinate, but will definitely make you feel great.


13. Sparidae fish

If you eat the head of a fish from this family, things can get even weirder than they were before you decided to eat the fish’s head.


14. Chili Peppers

It would have to be extremely hot, but that episode of “The Simpsons” when Homer is lead through a spiritual journey by a coyote with Johnny Cash’s voice might not be that far off.


15. Stilton Cheese

Consuming 20 grams of Stilton might make you see some SHIT, which is cool, because that’s the minimum amount of cheese I’ll eat in a sitting.