Guys, these vintage french photos will make you look through this unique style pulling you all together. Get ready to reduce your dampened spirits while scrolling down to see the most significant changes in fashion with these vintage collections. See how well the femininity as well as the beauty is captured by amazing photographers. Let’s hope to see this vintage trend throughout our life.


1. Get up, dress up, show up

boys on drive

Credit: Reyonnah Microcar, Paris 1955, Serge Berton (Getty Images).

2. I hope you feel beautiful today

people on streets

Credit: Montmartre, Paris 1954-1955, Ihei Kimura

3. Nothing lasts forever, but vintage does

taking food

Credit: Left: Toits du Quartier Latin, Paris 1926, André Kertesz; Right: Paris, 1949, Dimitri Kessel

4. Change in weather

vintage houses

Credit: Montmartre, Paris 1950s, Kurt Otto-Wasow

5. I still remember how we started talking


Credit: Guinguettes on the Seine, 1935, Marcel Bovis

6. Time to thrill

playing in snow

Credit: Left: photographer unknown; Right: Rue de La Montagne Ste Geneviève, Paris 1950s, Erwin Blumenfeld

7. Waiting for us

epicerie buvette

Credit: La Buvette, Paris 1938, Fritz Henle

8. Dreams don’t work, unless you do

small vintage car

Credit: Quai Bourbon Paris circa 1950 Marcel Bovis

9. You better loose yourself here

kertész 1930s le baiser qui tue rue de vanves

Credit: “Le Baiser qui tue”, Paris 1930s, André Kertész

10. Bring your soul here


Credit: Ile de la Cité, Paris 1950s, Kurt Otto-Wasow

11. Revealing the core of peace


Credit: Rue Bagnolet, 20eme, 1947, Pierre Jahan

12. Good Morning

reading paper

Credit: Paris 1899, Roger-Viollet

13. Just like vintage years of wine


Credit: Montmartre, Paris circa 1970, Patrice Molinard

14. Supercool feeling for this day


Credit: Chez Maxim’s, Paris 1900s, Keystone Agency

15. Time that is unique


Credit: Paris, Montmartre, 1958, Marcel Bovis

16. Smells golden days


Credit: Place Furstenberg, Saint-germain des Prés, Paris 1956, Peter Cornelius

17. Traveller

friends group

Credit: The squared car, Paris 1948, Robert Doisneau

18. Old hollywood look


Credit: Pace Saint-André-des-Arts (6°), Paris 1960s, Machatschek

19. Showroom


Left: Paris rooftops, Germaine Krull; Right: Credit: Renault showroom, Champs Elysée, 1934, Robert Doisneau

20. Create own style

man on street

Credit: Paris, 1955, Henri Cartier Bresson.

From: MessyNessy Chick

Credit: Tumblr