24 Photos Of Plants That Prove God Is A Mathematician

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10:00 pm 8 May, 2015


Many people believe that nature is unsymmetrical. Galileo Galilei once stated that nature follows a symmetry and is comprised of circles, triangles and other geometrical figures.

Here we bring you plants and flowers which proves that nature follows a perfect geometry and symmetry.

1. Crassula Buddha’s Temple Plant


2. Hoya Aldrichii


3. Flower Petals Resemble Tons Of Tiny Twin Butterflies


4. Aloe Polyphylla



5. Camelia


6. Romanesco Broccoli Is Delicious, Healthy And Wildly Symmetrical


7. Bright And Beautiful Dahlia


8. Viola Sacculus


9. The Most Perfect Cabbage


10. Intricate Amazon Lily Pad


11. Drosophyllum Lusitancium


12. Spiraling Succulent


13. Echinacea


14. The Radiant Symmetry Of A Sunflower


15. Pelecyphora Aselliformis


16. Hoya-Kerrii


17. Thinking Cactus


18. Passiflora Caerulea


19. Lobelia


20. Hoya Pubicalyx


21. Supreme-Symmetrical-Perfection


22. Pinecone


23. Araucaria Araucana


24. Black-And-White-Dahlia