18 Reasons Why Genelia And Ritesh Are The Cutest Bollywood Parents

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Updated on 10 Dec, 2015 at 1:51 pm


The list of our favorite Bollywood parents in recent times is topped by Genelia and Ritesh without a doubt. The couple has been spotted buying diapers for the junior and taking him out on foreign trips. They posted adorable pictures of junior Deshmukh, ‘Riaan’ on his first birthday on 25 November and we just couldn’t stop doting.

If you’ve missed out all the fun, here’s everything you will enjoy about their parenthood journey so far. You’re sure to go, “Awww”:


1. The couple, who courted each other for eight longs years before their wedding, said, “Riaan completes us” right after he was born.


Isn’t this family picture posted by Ritesh on his Facebook page overflowing with cuteness?


2. The most promising parents in Bollywood; they’ve never been involved in any controversy, not even a bit.

Eight years of courting and not one controversy! That’s quite an achievement. Riaan will surely grow up to understand the value of true love.


3. Genelia and Ritesh wanted a cool name for their son, so when he’s all grown up, there’s no, “What an uncool name you gave me!”

This was, in fact, the first picture the couple posted announcing the name of their new born son, Riaan.


4. Unknowingly, they chose a traditional Sanskrit name for Riaan; he was not even born when the name was finalized.

While taking an evening walk in Poland, Ritesh suggested the name to a pregnant Genelia and she agreed instantly. Only later did they learn the meaning of the name. It means ‘ruler’ or ‘king’.


5. Ritesh admits to non-stop talking about Riaan; he’s the centre of their lives now.

In his own words, Ritesh said:


6. And of course, it’s fun to see all of Bollywood and their fans taking sides.

Does Riaan resemble his dad/baba more?


Or does he resemble his Aai/Maa/Mom more?


7. Riaan’s mother said her son is the best gift Santa ever gave her.

This was right after Riaan completed one month on December 25, 2014.


8. It’s just adorable how Ritesh addresses his wife as ‘Riaan chi Aai,’ which means ‘Riaan’s mother’.

On Genelia’s 28th birthday, Ritesh posted this cute message on Twitter, which was not just loved by Genelia, but all of us too.


9. It only goes without saying that junior Deshmukh is likely to grow up respecting women.

After all, the doting father is so affectionate and caring toward his wife Genelia, lovingly called ‘Baiko’. ‘Baiko’ means ‘wife’ in Marathi.


10. This picture comes from their Twitter account while shopping for diapers in Bangkok.


11. When Riaan and mom Genelia went to Genelia’s mum’s place after barsa (first 12 days), Ritesh would visit them every day, for 25 days.

Thanks to no shooting schedules, but Ritesh would have gone otherwise too. At least that’s what we believe.


12. Dad Ritesh actually admits to learning how to change nappies from wife Genelia.

He says Genelia was obviously the expert at it. And the first time he changed the diaper, this is what happened:

I remember the first time I took cotton, dipped it in water, wiped his bum and put the same cotton in clean water. And she screamed, “It doesn’t go there!”


13. This is how Daddy introduced Riaan for the first time on Twitter.


14. Daddy also shared  pictures of little Riaan celebrating his grandfather, late Vilasrao Deskhmuk’s 70th birth anniversary.

Grandfather, father and son again on the birth anniversary of late Vilasrao Deskhmuk.


15. Look at how Riaan actually learned how to pray from dad Ritesh.


16. Riaan had an amazing first Rakhi, when he celebrated the Indian festival by tying Rakhi to Chacha Dheeraj and his pet, Flash.

He also got a Rakhi in return, which read ‘Riaan Dada’.


17. When Riaan turned one, this is the picture mumma put out on Twitter.

Don’t we all adore it!


18. Mumma and papa also organized a sailor-themed birthday party for little Riaan, when he turned one.



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