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17 Ways In Which Geminis Are Puzzles That Few Have The Skills To Solve

Updated on 28 January, 2016 at 3:16 pm By

The sign of the twins has often been misinterpreted as being unreliable or two-faced by those who are ill-informed about the zodiac and the personality traits that each sign brings with it. The reason why some will never understand a Gemini is because the Gemini is a complex creature, one that laughs at your feeble attempts to ‘figure him/her out’.

1. Their facial expressions keep you on your toes


Watching a Gemini’s face as they talk to you is like peering into a kaleidoscope; their constantly changing expressions will baffle you. One minute you’re sure they like you, the next you think they hate your guts, and in a split second you’re sure you don’t matter to them at all.

2. They are constantly-evolving creatures

Part of the reason why some tend to think of them as ‘flighty’ is that Geminis are constantly seeking newness in life. Many of them choose to learn new concepts or explore new theories, which might lead them to change previously-held opinions. It’s growth, not flakiness.

3. Their openness leads to confusion

Geminis are notorious for being able to talk about any subject under the sun with anyone. More reserved members of society take this to mean that the Gemini really trusts them. But that is not the case; they’re just not as reserved as you are.

4. They’re like an iceberg – more hidden than not

It might sound unbelievable to non-Geminis as Geminis are known to be social and talkative creatures, but do not confuse their willingness to talk to mean that you know all about them. Just when you think you have them pegged, they’ll shock the hell out of you with an unexpected move.

5. They’re gone before you know it

The Gemini is a creature of change. You may see your daily routine as stability, but to the Gemini it is soul-crushing to be stuck in monotonous routine. Once they make up their mind to go, they’ll be gone before you can say, “Please don’t”. Whether it’s leaving a party or leaving you, it’ll take them a minute to escape.

6. They don’t follow social patterns

When it comes to doing things or befriending people, there are certain patterns that society follows. But the Gemini doesn’t limit him/herself to those set ways. They can go back and forth; for example, choosing to talk to you for hours before they get around to asking for your name.

7. They can exhaust people


While it seems extremely natural to the Gemini to jump from one place to another, one thought to another or one job to another, it is very hard for others to keep up with them. They’ll be matching wits one moment and immersed in their thoughts in the next, not even noticing that others haven’t caught up.

8. They can make others nervous

Geminis are often not only quick-talking but also quick-moving creatures. This gives them a kind of restless energy and can intimidate those around them. They also seem to be alert and watching everything that is going on around them, which can make people nervous.

9. They can make others feel unfairly judged

With a tendency to make quick judgments (whether of situations or people), Geminis can often leave you feeling like they’ve judged you before they even got to know you. But the truth is, if a Gemini doesn’t like the package you come in, he/she won’t bother reading the ingredient list.

10. It’s hard to win an argument with them

Most Geminis are not only well-informed but can also think fast on their feet. It is usually a bad idea to challenge them as they can cut you down with a few choice words. If they sense that you’re out to make them look bad, they’ll take delight in slipping you up again and again.

11. They need lots of breathing room

The surest way to ensure that a Gemini becomes completely shut off to you is by suffocating them. They’re creatures of whim, who might want to go do their own thing. It is essential that you let them instead of insisting they stay with you, or you’ll never get a peek into their minds again.


12. They’re never where you think they’ll be

One of the reasons that Geminis are so unpredictable is that anything can catch their fancy. If on the way to a friend’s wedding, they see something that arouses their interest, they’re quite likely to forget all about the friend or the wedding. They’re usually late for the same reason.

13. They actually like behaving like puzzles

Geminis love to confuse people; they’ll often hide their motives when they do something. But you shouldn’t take that to mean that they’re hatching some evil plot, they often hide their good deeds as well. It’s just how they are – secretive about random stuff.

14. They are a strange combination

A Gemini is at once someone who is extremely idealistic and yet someone who can become underhanded when the need arises. Most of the time you can trust them with your eyes closed, but if you get on their bad side, they won’t hesitate to exploit your weaknesses.

15. Their creativity fools everyone

Geminis love to be imaginative and creative. This boils over to their conversation as well. You think you’ve spent an hour peering into the innermost recesses of the Gemini’s soul but really, they were just creatively making things up. It’s not outright lying, it’s a lot of embellishing – just for the fun of it.

16. They don’t know what they want

The biggest obstacle in getting to know what the Gemini wants and desires is that the Gemini him/herself isn’t sure about it. One day they’ll chase money; next day, they’ll go for adventure; and on the third, they’ll try to look for love.  Their ideas are hardly ever fixed.

17. You only win them over if you actually ‘win’ them over

Despite all the complexity and elusiveness of a Gemini, there is always a part of them that wishes to be understood, a part that will ditch the cold logic of reason to embrace the steady passion of a longer-lasting experience; but before you get there, you have to pass the many challenges they will throw your way.




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