17 Signs You’re Geet Of Jab We Met

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2018 at 4:49 pm


Geet was loved for her carefree attitude and her aura was such that it contributed to the movie’s success. Don’t we wish we could be as relaxed as her? I am sure if not all but having even one of the following characteristics may bring you closer to being Geet.

1. You are an entertainment package.

Like a box office blockbuster!

2. Your adas are unmatched.

A few adas may even make hearts sink!

3. You are hard as a shell when someone pisses you off.

4. You can even make the dead speak.

Thanks to your jabbering.

5. You think life without any adventure is no fun.

6. You see the sunny side of everything.

You can easily author ‘How to stay positive’ titled book.

7. You master in playing pranks.

No one can beat you in that.

8. You can make the gloomy smile in seconds.

You know the tactics well.

9. Your innocence might surprise people.


Naïve at times!

10. Serious mood doesn’t suit you.


11. You think you were born to be an agony aunt.

Always there to offer help.

12. You believe in living the moment.

Finding happiness in all little things.

13. Life is a game and you want to enjoy it.

And you enjoy it to the fullest.

14. You can be really dramatic at times.

The drama can beat the ‘K’ serial series.

15. When angry, you come up with innovative curses.

16. No matter what you love yourself the most.

Main apni favorite hoon.

17. Your smile is contagious.

Did you just smile?