‘Gaza Street’ Comes Up In Kerala’s Kasargod, District From Where Some Youth Possibly Joined ISIS

7:07 pm 19 Jun, 2017


Thuruti Street in North Kerala has been renamed ‘Gaza Street’ after the contentious strip in the Middle East. This is a development which has alarmed the Intelligence Bureau.

Gaza is the conflict-ridden strip of land between Israel and Egypt that is a self-governing Palestinian territory. A report published by the TOI suggests that the road was inaugurated by Kasaragod district panchayat president A.G.C. Basheer. But municipal chairperson Beefathima Ibrahim said that she was not aware of the renaming.


Road adjacent to Thuruthi was renamed to “Gaza”. TOI

Gaza is not exactly the official name since the municipal corporation has not adopted the resolution of renaming the street.

“Kasaragod is a district where communal divisions are deepening along with inroads being made organisations like the Islamic State. Though this particular incident has not come to our attention, the watchful eyes of central agencies capture even minor developments happening in the district for the same reason”, a top police official told TOI on condition of anonymity.



Kasaragod is in northern Kerala. Google Maps

Kasargod has been under the radar of intelligence agencies due to the notorious activity and imbalance which has taken birth within. What worries the authorities the most is that Gaza Street is near Paddane village from where 21 youngsters went missing last year. They are suspected of joining the Islamic State.

There are also concerns about the huge amount of funds flowing in the state from Saudi Arabia and the culture that the desert nation is promoting. It is a silent threat to the unity of the country.

But a local leader told The News Minute, “Gaza is a place where people, especially children suffer a lot due to never ending the war. Expressing our concern for the people of Gaza, that name is popular in Kasaragod. We are actually against the Islamic State and we believe that they are not true Muslims as they kill people, and create lakhs of refugees with small children living in refugee camps for years. That is why the name Gaza is used.”

Yet Twitterati is unimpressed:


Meanwhile, agencies are keeping a close watch on the development of the state.

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