This Straight Woman From India, Urvi Shah, Is Spreading Love By Fixing Same-Sex Arranged Marriages

4:28 pm 17 Jul, 2018


In a country where love marriage between heterosexual people still sparks the fire of honor killing, finding the same-sex partner is close to impossibility. Being Indians, we do have the utmost respect for our country and there are things that make us utterly proud. However, we cannot be like an ostrich anymore and assume that only because we close our eyes, the negativity of the nation disappears. We need to open our eyes and confront the fact that homosexuality in India is not just considered as a taboo but as a heinous act of sin and that mentality needs to change.

We are all aware of one of the lowest moments of our country regarding human rights was in 2013 when the Supreme Court reversed the progressive judgment of  2009 that decriminalized section 377. It legalized the sex among adults of the same sex with consent. Presently, there’s a hearing taking place based on a petition that contested the 2013 ruling.



However, today we are not digging deep into the judicial fight of the LGBT community. We are talking about the society and how its acceptance can make India a better place for homosexuals along with the other members of the community.

Though many people are coming in terms with the aspect of homosexuality, sadly the numbers are low. True, we have seen pride marches taking place all across the nation and that certainly gives us hope.

Do you know what else gives us hope? Well, the people who are coming forward to spread awareness not only about homosexuality but LGBT community too.



Today we tell you the tale of young Urvi Shah who is changing the world for better. Who is she? Well, she is the founder of a website that specifically helps in setting up the same-sex arranged marriages. It is not a dating website that helps people connect. It is a properly structured site that is developed for the purpose of same-sex arranged marriages.

Called Arranged Gay Marriage, the site proudly boasts members from across 24 countries. Started in 2015, it was initially launched in Chicago. Later, she shifted her operations to Ahmedabad in Gujarat.



In a country, where most of the marriages are arranged, this was a much-needed step. Kudos to the sensitivity and courage of the woman who stood against all odds to set up this site that helps the homosexuals to find the love of their life.

Her smart business model is also helping in eliminating such a social issue that has plagued the lives of thousands of people. According to her interview with one a popular internet portal, she said that she wanted to do something about the LGBT community and spread awareness while making sure to come up with a proper business model.




Identifying as a heterosexual, her journey for creating a website for the LGBT community was not an easy task. She faced huge criticism from her friends and acquaintances. Though her family supported her but asked her to conceal the fact that she is working for the LGBT community.

However, slowly she created a stable platform for people who just want to find love and start a family like anyone else. She is shading light and spreading awareness about homosexuality in India.



Here are some of the images from her personal social media profile and company website page:







We certainly wish her good luck and hope to see more straight people coming up to show their support for LGBT community in India. Will you be a part of that change?