When Gautam Gambhir Had To Surrender Completely To ‘High Pressure’ Bowling

2:52 pm 7 Nov, 2017


Veteran Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir has been one of India’s most credible openers, helping India win several matches. He has faced some of the most terrific bowling sides of the world and emerged victorious in innumerable pressure circumstances. In fact, in a recent tweet, he admitted to have faced some serious “high pressure” bowling. Wondering who was the person giving nightmares to Gautam Gambhir? It was none other than his little angel Aazeen.

Gautam Gambhir with wife Natasha and daughter Aazeen. source


In this video, Aazeen is seen bowling to her father at an event in her school.


However, what made the Twitteratti fall in love with Gambhir all the more is the adorable little caption that he posted with the video. He wrote:

High pressure job facing my daughter Aazeen’s bowling at her school. Hell, even she knows d line has to be outside d off stump vs papa!!!

Aazeen with father Gautam Gambhir, source


Aazen was born to Gautam and his wife Natasha in 2014. Since then, the doting father has regarded Aazeen to have brought him great luck. In fact, the Indian opener had accepted during the 2014 edition of IPL that his batting improved massively after Aazeen came into his life. He said:

People say I am playing well ever since my daughter was born. That is absolutely true and I am very happy to have her. Ever since she came into my life, runs have started flowing off my bat.

The father-daughter duo on Independence Day. Twitter



Isn’t the father-daughter duo really cute? We wish both of them all the luck of the world!

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