Is Gautam Gambhir Suffering From An Attitude Problem? This Former Cricketer Provides The Answer!

3:43 pm 28 Apr, 2018


Former cricketer Sadip Patil has recently opened up about his take on cricketer Gautam Gambhir. In a recent piece written for The Quint, Patil highlighted the fact that Gautam Gambhir is suffering from an attitude problem.

In the piece, Patil was quoted as saying:

“I would observe a glow on Gambhir’s face as he climbed the stairs of success in his career. Our friendship continued for the next 7-8 years and everything was going well in his career. But suddenly, he was dropped from the Indian team and the main reason behind it was his ever growing so-called attitude problem.”



Patil also continued to explain that Gambhir’s attitude was the only reason due to which he got dropped from the team. His ‘angry young man attitude’ didn’t pay him well and suffered later due to it.

He said:

“I firmly believe that every cricketer has some kind of an attitude problem; but if a player shows the same to his own teammates, then it can have a negative impact. During the England series of 2011 though, Gambhir was hit in the head with a bouncer and decided to return to India. That mistake cost him dear.”


Patil also emphasized on the fact that Gambhir’s injury was not even serious as per the physio reports and he could have continued to play.

“Only a player knows how serious his injury is; but in my view, he lost the chance to become a legend of Indian cricket. Gambhir tried his best to establish his place again, but failed in all his attempts. The man who was once seen as next superstar of Indian cricket after Sachin, Sehwag, Dravid and Ganguly, was struggling for his comeback,” Patil explained further.


Patil also mentioned that when Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay were given a chance over Gambhir, he (Gambhir) decided to end his friendship with Patil (Patil was the chairman of the Selection Committee).


“After being dropped from the Indian team, whenever I saw Gautam Gambhir from a distance, all the glow on the face was missing. I could sense a storm inside him,” Patil contends. Gautam Gambhir has now stepped down as Delhi Daredevils coach in the ongoing IPL season.

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