This Is How Gauri Khan Apparently Ended SRK’s Affair With Priyanka Chopra

1:07 pm 19 Jul, 2018


Actor Shah Rukh Khan and wife Gauri Khan are one of the best couples in Bollywood. Their love story is termed epic and people often admire their strong relationship. The couple’s marriage is 27 years strong and they have three lovely children together.

Many often use their romantic and life journey as a benchmark to measure other Bollywood relationships. Their rare engagement in cute PDAs gives relationship goals to nearly all those in love. But, although many consider their bond to be unbreakable, there supposedly is one chink in their armor.


Gauri Khan family

Gauri Khan and family. Source



Yes, we are talking about an alleged affair that the King had with a fellow actress. According to media reports, there were rumors of an intense affair between Shah Rukh and co-star Priyanka Chopra. Apparently, Shah Rukh grew close to Chopra when they were shooting together for the movie ‘Don’ in 2007.



But it was not until the promotions of ‘Don 2’ began that rumor mills started churning. Suddenly the media was abuzz with the rumors of Shah Rukh cheating on wife Gauri Khan with Priyanka. As per the rumors, Gauri turned a blind eye to the whole situation initially.



But Gauri could not keep mum for too long. And when the water went over her head, she apparently threatened to divorce the star. If reports are to be believed, Gauri also forbade Shah Rukh from working with Priyanka ever again.

Some also suggest that with the help of her best friend Karan Johar, Gauri Khan drove Priyanka out of the industry. Gauri apparently asked friends to drop Chopra from any present and future projects.



Whatever it was, it worked and Shah Rukh and Priyanka started keeping their distance. Also ever since ‘Don 2’, we haven’t seen Shah Rukh work with Priyanka and vice versa.




Well, true or not, we are definitely happy that Priyanka branched out internationally and made Indians proud. As for Shah Rukh and wife Gauri Khan, we wish them all the luck in their life.

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