Death Of The Ghost Hunter Who Felt “Negative Force” Pulling Him Was Suicide Say Police

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6:25 am 14 Jul, 2016

Gaurav Tiwari, 32, was founder and CEO of the Indian Paranormal Society. On July 7, he was found dead in the bathroom of his Dwarka flat. He reportedly had a black line around his neck.

Tiwari had returned home at around 1:30 AM from Delhi’s Janakpuri area after an investigation. It is believed that he then had a fight with a family member over his erratic schedule and odd working hours. His family apparently didn’t like his paranormal work as it didn’t bring in much earnings.

According to sources, the ghost hunter had told his wife about a month ago that he felt “a negative force was pulling him towards it”.


Tiwari had investigated over 6000 locations. He was a trained pilot who became interested in the paranormal after experiencing weird events in his flat in Texas, USA. He had appeared on TV shows such as ‘Haunted Weekends with Sunny Leone’, ‘Fear Files’, MTV’s ‘Girl’s Night Out’ and ‘Bhoot Aaya”.

In an interview last year, a representative of Tiwari’s society had also stated that they had many celebrity clients, including Bollywood personalities.

After investigating Bhangarh Fort, Tiwari had claimed that the fort was not haunted. Instead it was the fear and superstition of the villagers that made them stay in after dark.


After preliminary investigations, the police have concluded that the death was a suicide. They are still looking into the matter though and questioning those who knew Tiwari, including his family members.

Tiwari’s family doesn’t buy into the suicide theory. He had gotten married just five months ago and was reportedly behaving fine before his death. He checked his email a few minutes before his death and posted about being on the cover of ‘Youth Incorporated’ a day before.



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