Businessman Posed As A Slum Dweller To Get His Son Admitted To A Well Known School In Delhi, Got Busted

5:49 pm 9 Apr, 2018


Recently, a businessman named Gaurav Goel portrayed himself to be a slum dweller just like the characters in the film “Hindi Medium.” What was even more surprising is that he admitted his son to Sanskriti School in Chanakyapuri in the quota for the economically weaker sections, almost four years ago and apparently no one even had a slightest of hint about it.


Gaurav Goel showed his address as Sanjay Camp, a slum that exists near Chanakyapuri, for the admission of his elder son in school in 2013.

Allegedly, he showed his annual income to be just Rs 67,000. He did the same by forging his income documents. He also forged his voter card and birth certificates and told the school that he was working at an MRI center.



Surprisingly, the school authorities couldn’t get to know about the reality of his actual income status in the last four years. However, the story began to unfold as Goel sought the admission for his second child under the sibling quota. What he didn’t realize was the fact that he was overconfident!

As the school tried to verify the details of the elder child, authorities found some major mismatch in the documents and went to the cops. Goel was arrested from his home in Jawahar Nagar near Kamla Nagar in north Delhi. As per a media report, investigations are now being carried out in the same matter and the police is trying to identify the person who helped Goel forge the documents. He also mentioned about owning an apartment in Safdarjung Enclave.


On further investigation it has been found that Goel owns a MRI business and has also traveled to 20 countries. He came under suspicion when he told the school authorities that his economic condition had improved and he could shift his elder son from EWS to the general category.


The school authorities have informed the cops that the child has been removed from the school.

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