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Chutki-Shopkeeper Sensation At Comic Con Delhi With His Really Cool Official Merchandises

Updated on 12 December, 2016 at 1:19 pm By

Stand-up comedian, Gaurav Gera garnered Comic Con Delhi 2016 with his presence. Gaurav these days are getting all his fame from his hilarious ‘Shopkeeper-Chutki’ videos on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms.




Gaurav Gera’s funny short clips and videos have given a new meaning to video blogging. While interacting with the audiences at Comic Con Delhi, Gaurav shared about the determination he got for starting video blogging and his future plans.

He told that he started with characters like Chutki, Shopkeeper, Badal, Barish, etc because he wanted his audience to relate with his videos. Whatever he makes, he keeps the reality in mind and takes inspiration from it.


He even said that it’s high time that India should get something like ‘The Simpsons’ and he look forward to giving one to his country with ‘Shopkeeper’ animated series and comic strips.


Claiming that he is one of the first video bloggers who started video blogging even before TVF and AIB, he told it’s something he always wanted to do. While encouraging the youth he explained that people should always explore their talents and follow their heart.


He also made an exciting announcement for his fans that he has launched some really cool ‘Shopkeeper and Chutki’ merchandises. From diaries, notepads to dhinchak mugs, you can find everything at the Shopkeeper stall.


With all his dedication, he is working towards making ‘Chtki-Shopkeeper’ a brand and probably will be successful soon with such amazing stuff.



He even went live in ‘Shopkeeper’ style and  gave a view of his stall to his fans. Take a look at his  video…



Don’t waste time and grab these cool ‘Chutki-Shopkeeper’ merchandises!

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