Watch How A Gas Station Attendant Put Out A Customer’s Cigarette With A Fire Extinguisher

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10:00 am 12 Oct, 2017

Not smoking cigarette at a petrol pump (or gas station) is a rule as well as a thing of common sense. But some people perhaps either don’t make sense of common sense or follow even the simplest rules made to safeguard their own lives. One of these is this man who smoked a cigarette at a petrol station and refused to put it off even after repeated requests. At the top of it, he did not even care to move away from the oil tanks to finish his smoke.

When nothing worked to stop that young man from smoking right there at the petrol station, a station attendant decided to take things in his own hands and snuff the cigarette out with a fire extinguisher. The incident took place at a petrol filling station in Sofia, Bulgaria and got recorded in a video clip that has gone viral on the internet.


In the video, he can clearly be seen puffing a cigarette and after a few seconds, a petrol pump employee comes with an extinguisher to douse the smoke. Some might feel that the petrol station employee made too much of the issue and there was not need of a fire extinguisher to put out a small cigarette.

However, at the same time, the video is conveying a very strong message that the rule of not smoking at petrol pumps and fire stations should be taken seriously. Else, they can prove to be a massive hazard for the smoker as well as other people there. And by putting out the small fire of a cigarette with a fire extinguisher, the station employee has taught a well deserved lesson to that smoker as well as all the others who do the same.

Watch the video of the entire incident below:


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