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15 Things Every Expectant Mother Should Know About Garbh Sanskar

Updated on 30 December, 2015 at 12:51 pm By

For most of you, the term garbh sanskar will seem like an alien concept. But did you know that ancient Indians had actually figured out a way to teach the fetusr, the right way to live? And this is no hunky dory concept that you can brush under the carpet.


The garbh is the womb and, sanskar means ‘teaching good things.’ According to Vedic sages, a pregnant mother should take the responsibility and initiative to perform the duty of garbh sanskar during her pregnancy.

If you believe that the real kind of education should start right from the time the fetus is formed, read more about this concept:


1. Garbh sanskar is based on the theory that the mental and behavioral development of the fetus begins from the moment a child is conceived.

The same has been affirmed in ancient scriptures of Ayurveda.


2. The concept in fact dates back from 1500 to 500 BC; it could be older than that.

It finds mentions in the ‘Mahabharata’ too, which some historians say was written in 400 BC (nobody knows for sure). The concept has been an integral part of the prenatal education of every pregnant woman.



3. The baby can feel you and s/he can listen to every word you say even when in the womb.

Formal introductions are not required once s/he is out of the womb.


4. Listen to good music, think positive and you will ensure that your baby gets good vibes from you.

It is now known that the fetus can hear the mother’s voice from the seventh month and can also sometimes respond to it. Nothing in the world can beat the power of positive thinking; remember that!


5. Science has proven that the baby actually responds to external stimuli when inside the mother’s womb.

When the mother thinks positive about her baby, she excretes good hormones which help in the well-being of her baby and her.


6. The garbh sanskar helps in forming an impeccable bond between the baby and the mother.

Garbh sanskar can have great impact on the overall health of the mother. It makes her positive towards the changes in her body.


7. Talk to your baby and s/he will give you lesser sleepless nights once s/he is out in the world!

Experts are of the opinion that when the mother talks to the baby, or when the baby listens to music and or stories read out by the mother, s/he is much more content and at peace.

Once born, such a baby will have an instant bond with the parents, and be more apt for breast feeding.


8. Even Ayurveda lays stress on the need for the mother to be fully ready in order to bring a new life into this world.

This concept is called supraja janan according to which, the couple should be mentally, spiritually and physically ready to be parents.


9. The first sound that a baby hears is the mother’s heartbeat.

Isn’t it amazing that when the mother holds a crying baby close to her chest, s/he stops crying instantly? So be at ease when you are pregnant. Let go of all negativities and focus on how your heart feels.


10. Music of the flute, veena and the Samveda mantra can actually help in faster development of the soul and mind of the baby.

Next time you are out shopping, just pick a CD which says garbh sangeet.


11. If only Arjuna’s wife had completed the story, Abhimanyu would not have had such a tragic death.

It was during garbh sanskar that Arjuna’s wife told Abhimanyu, who was in her womb, how to penetrate the war formation of chakravyuh. But sadly, she slept when she came to the part of how to come out of it. Rest is history!


12. Had Prahlad’s mother not been an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu, Prahlad would have turned out to be a demon like his family.

Prahlad listened to his mother’s devotional prayers while still in her womb, and turned out to be the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu. Eventually, these events lead to the downfall of his father’s evil demon empire.


13. All you need to do is speak to your baby and be positive; meditate and do yoga!

You actually have the power to change the way a small fetus will think and feel in the future. That’s the least you can do as a parent.


14. If you want to impart the right spiritual thoughts to your baby, just recite to him the Gayatri mantra.


15. Do yourself and your baby a favor, and avoid negative thoughts; don’t even watch horror movies while pregnant.

Be happy and try and create a peaceful environment around you in order to soothe your nerves and those of the being inside you.


Let go of the grudges, fights and all sorts of negativity. Forget about everyone and everything in the world and just focus on being happy and positive. Prayers, meditation, good movies, exercises, yoga, visits to near-and-dear ones and so many other things can help you achieve that!




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