Gangtok Faced Severe Water Crisis; 50% Water Supply Now Restored

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9:30 pm 24 Jul, 2017


For the past several days, Sikkim’s capital, Gangtok, has been facing severe water shortage. Owing to continuous rainfall in the city, the people have been highly annoyed by lack of water for several days.

The people in Gangtok had to rely on rainwater to run the kitchen and other household purposes as there was no water supply in several localities across the city.

Buckets line-up owing to water shortage Suno


It has now been reported that around 50% of water supply has been restored. The continuous downpour on Friday night had snapped water pipes, leading to unavailability of water in houses. Several houses in Gangtok and nearby areas rely heavily on rainwater harvesting.


Naveen Chettri, a resident of Gangtok’s densely populated area Sichey, had installed three tanks with a capacity of 12,000 liters each to ensure a steady supply of water to his house and to the neighboring 18 houses. Rainwater, which is abundant in Sikkim during monsoons, is channeled from the rooftops and then flows into five cement tanks through plastic pipes. Three hours of rainfall is sufficient to fill the five tanks.

Navin Chettri with the tanks Telegraph India


Chettri revealed,

People face a lot of problems when there is a water crisis in Gangtok. But we haven’t encountered such difficult situations as the rainwater harvesting system at my residence is enough to meet the requirement of 18 families who are my tenants.

The rainwater is used for several household purposes. Clean water that is supplied by the government is used for drinking and cooking, while for other purposes rainwater is sufficient.