Surprise, Surprise! KRK Abuses Rishi Kapoor For Targeting Gandhi Family

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3:46 pm 18 May, 2016


Just hours after Rishi Kapoor took to Twitter to express his views on the Gandhi family, controversy king Kamaal R Khan himself jumped in to defend the political dynasty.


In a series of tweets, KRK hurled abuses at Kapoor and even called him a “big idiot”.

Accusing Kapoor of being drunk while tweeting, he added that even PM Narendra Modi respects Indira Gandhi.



Not mincing his words, KRK used a series of expletives and said if anything would be named after Kapoor, it would be a bar where people will get drunk and tweet.


Surprisingly, this time KRK found many supporters when he took the opportunity to lash out at Rishi Kapoor.


This is not the first time KRK has made fun of and hurled abuses at Rishi Kapoor, though the veteran has preferred to ignore him altogether.




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