Game of Thrones Writer George RR Martin Confirms Prequels In The Making. Find Out More

1:36 pm 16 Jun, 2018


A shout out to all the Game of Thrones fans out there! We are here with some exciting news about the hit HBO series that’s sure to make you all happy. With the end of the ‘Game of Thrones’ based on George RR Martin’s epic fantasy novel series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ closing in on us, there is an evident unrest amongst the fans. So the news of GOT prequels in the making naturally offers respite.


Before proceeding let’s reminisce:


Jon Snow with Tyrion Lannister In a still from GOT. Source


Here is a still from the hit series GOT:



Yes, there is news of multiple successors of the show being under development at HBO. And as per recent news, HBO has given green signal to one of the shows’ pilots. Yay!

This specific show is a prequel set really far back in the history of Westeros as seen in the present GOT series. The show is a combined work of George RR Martin and the talented Jane Goldman.


Above is a picture of writer George RR Martin with actor Peter Dinklage. This is what George RR Martin has to say about the green-light from HBO:


“There’s a lot happening these days, so much that some days it feels as if I cannot even keep up with my own life. So let me beg your indulgence for being late to the party with this news — but, yes, it is true, after more than a year of development, HBO has greenlit the first of the GAME OF THRONES successor shows that we’ve been working on, scripted by the amazing Jane Goldman.

To clarify, what we have here is a pilot order, not as yet a series order. Though of course we are all hoping that will follow.”



He further writes about the prequel on his blog:

“Yes, this is a prequel, not a sequel. None of the characters or actors from GAME OF THRONES will appear in the new show. All of the successor shows we’ve been developing have been prequels, as I have mentioned before.   This one really puts the PRE in prequel, since it is set not ninety years before GAME OF THRONES (like Dunk & Egg), or a few hundred years, but rather ten thousand years (well, assuming the oral histories of the First Men are accurate, but there are maesters at the Citadel who insist it has only been half that long). We’re very early in the process, of course, with the pilot order just in, so we don’t have a director yet, or a cast, or a location, or even a title. (My vote would be THE LONG NIGHT, which says it all, but I’d be surprised if that’s where we end up. More likely HBO will want to work the phrase “Game of Thrones” in there somewhere. We’ll know sooner or later).”


Screenwriter Jane Goldman. Source


Jane Goldman has previously worked on the screenplays of many successful movies including the X-Men Series, the Kingsman series and also the superhero movie Kick-Ass.

However, the news of prequels being under development comes with a pinch of salt. That is, as per the channel (HBO) they won’t let anything hit the screens before about a year passes after the end of GOT series.

And the fact that final season of GOT (season 8) will only come in 2019, implies that we won’t be seeing any of the prequels before 2020.

Well, guess we’ll have to make do with the hope of the prequels for the time being, sigh!