Game of Thrones Season 5 Leaked! Yes, First Four Episodes Are Out On Torrent

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2:45 pm 12 Apr, 2015


It was recently revealed that Game of Thrones is the world’s most pirated show, with Brazil leading the countries with most downloads.

Surely, GOT had to keep up to this reputation – or at least those behind the leaks had to ensure it!

So, just a day before the first episode of season 5, came the news of the leak of not one but four consecutive episodes of the season.


Since every season of GOT has 10 episodes each, you will have 40 percent of season 5 with you on your PC if you are itching to use that surreptitious torrent downloader of yours.

HBO is yet to respond to this freak of a storm that has hit their most bankable series. In that way, Netflix played it safe by releasing all 13 of its House of Cards season 3 episodes on the same day.

Impatience (of viewers) is a virtue for the pirates and vice for the makers, it appears.


First four espisodes of GOT S5 leaked

Summarizing distinctly


Game of Thrones Season 5 episodes leaked torrent

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