15 Things You Face When You Are The ‘Game of Thrones’ Noob Of Your Circle

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Updated on 14 Dec, 2015 at 1:48 pm


So, you thought the 21st century youth swears by GOT? Well, you were wrong! The youth today are divided into two halves: the GOT addicts and the GOT noobs! Yeah, okay, we totally know the former gang overshadows our existence, but then we do exist and so does our daily pain! The pain of surviving GOT talks!


1. Since GOT is almost the impromptu conversation starter of our generation, people assume you must be an ardent viewer too.

And their reactions when they discover that there are people for whom GOT is not life and death is priceless! But then you are used to such reactions by now!



2. You can’t escape the discussions when you are hanging out with a bunch of GOT addicts (which is, let’s face it, the whole gang of your friends).

You can’t believe that a random TV show made you a social pariah, after all.


3. It’s a shame when even your neighbor’s ten-year-old kid knows all the characters, and you know none.


4. Yours is the only laptop at your workplace without GOT episodes on it.

And you are proud of it!


5. Your boss actually starts a GOT talk, in a formal corporate meeting and all your colleagues join in, with nothing left for you to say.


6. Humiliated, you have actually tried downloading a few episodes, but you just couldn’t watch it.

What sort of show telecasts bloodshed every five minutes! Yikes.


7. You can’t believe everyone is excited about dragons and other sort of ‘supernatural’ shit!

Supernatural bullshit indeed!


8. When you typed your mind out on social media or dared to speak against GOT in public, you were met with outrage!


9. Then you tried rewinding and re-watching to find out why this shit matters!


10. But five minutes into the show, you can’t tell one character from the other.

And yet people called Indrani Mukherjea’s family tree mind-boggling! Crazy world!


11. Unable to make head or tail of it, you tried consulting the internet to understand the various characters.

Mahabharata family trees looked simpler!


12. Thinking that perhaps reading the biblio version would get you familiar with things, you tried buying ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’.

But the prices freaked you out!


13. If all this wasn’t enough in real life, social media is full of GOT content, which is Greek to you.


14. But then you realized GOT isn’t worthless (after the two day porn ban) and you wouldn’t mind stocking up in case the internet gets ‘swachha’ again.


15. By now you are already famous as the ‘Jon Snow’ of your group.

And the best part is, you know nothing about it!



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