10 Major Game Of Thrones Characters Who Would Possibly Die In Season 8, And Leave Us Brokenhearted

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11:00 am 18 Sep, 2018


Game of Thrones might be one of the most unpredictable shows ever, but if there is anything at all that is predictable in the most pirated show of the world, it is this that any of the Game of Thrones characters can die anytime. Remember how we all thought Ned Stark was the biggest character in Season 1 and the show could not move ahead without him? Or as a matter of fact how we all swelled up hearing the passionate speech of Khal Drogo to win the Westeros for his wife and unborn child? Both of these characters died almost immediately and we learned a good lesson that we should not be much attached to any character in the show.

Since Season 1, many major characters we rooted for has died. With Season 8 approaching, many more will! Though this list is not a complete one and it does not mention sure deaths of the darkest villains like the Night King and Euron Greyjoy, here are but 10 major Game of Thrones characters that would most possibly die in the season finale.


1. Cersei Lannister




Cersei has been one of the most selfish, corrupt and yet significant characters in the show. By the end of Season 7, she had betrayed Danaerys, Jon and even Jaime. She is most possibly getting killed at the hands of Jaime, who despite of everything is a rational and compassionate person. It was this characteristic that had compelled him to kill the Mad King and he became the ‘Kingslayer’. He would not mind doing the same this time by killing Cersei and save Westeros.


2. Daenerys Targaryen



If a very popular theory is be believed, in the Final Season of Game of Thrones, Jon will be killing Danaerys to save the realm. The theory suggests that Jon is the reincarnation of the legendary hero Azor Ahai who ended the first Long Night by forging a sword, Lightbringer, made of fire and thrusting the sword into the heart of his wife Nissa Nissa as a sacrifice. If Jon is Azor Ahai, and there are plenty of indications that confirm this, history will be repeated and he will be killing Dany to save the world once again.


3. Ser Jorah Mormont



Ser Jorah Mormont is a man who takes risk, and he will most possibly die fighting forefront or possibly while trying to save Danaerys. There is very little purpose of his character anyway at this juncture of the story. Previously, he was a guardian angel of Dany, but she doesn’t need him anymore. He is most possibly there to sacrifice his life for the love of his life and bring a justified end to his character.


4. Melisandre of Asshai



Like Ser Jorah, Melisandre character has been reduced to a minor character after all she has done and will definitely be killed in Season 8. How she dies is, however, an interesting thing to see as there are quite some theories relating to her death. She is also on the list of people whom Arya wants to kill. In Season 7 Episode 3, she told Lord Varys while she was leaving Dragonstone secretly that she would return one more time to get killed in this strange country.


5. Theon Greyjoy



Theon Greyjoy’s character has stopped being an interesting one long ago and as he cannot take forward House Greyjoy anymore, there is little reason why he should be alive at the end of the show. Further, he is right now in a rage and wants to save his sister Yara anyway, which would lead to direct confrontation with his uncle Euron and this would not end well for him. He might be able to save his sister somehow, but in the process might sacrifice himself.


6. Lord Varys



Besides predicting her own death, when Melisandre was leaving Westeros in Season 7 Episode 3, she had also predicted the death of Lord Varys, and though she’s not entirely believable as she had mistaken Stannis for Azor Ahai, this time, she was a lot more convincing. So most possibly, Lord Varys is dying in Season 8. He might be killed by Danaerys’s dragons for betraying her someway as he had asked her to do so in Season 7 if she ever found him betraying her.


7. Grey Worm



Grey Worm is certainly going to die in Season 8 as the show is heading towards the greatest battle yet and he is a soldier and would be at the forefront. The war against the White Walkers and against the army of Euron would be a bloodbath for the Unsullied and as Grey Worm believes to lead his men from the front, he will be perhaps one of the first major characters to die in the season finale.


8. Ser Jaime Lannister



No characters in the show changed the opinions of viewers so drastically about him/her as Jaime did. He started off in Season 1 as a villainous character, but by the end of Season 7, he was one of the most loved characters. But his arc in the show is finally leaning towards his ultimate death after separation from Cersei. He will be fighting probably against the White Walkers bravely after killing Cersei to save Westeros and die in the process with honour.


9. Brienne of Tarth



Brienne’s arc in the show is finished. She has kept her oath and now that the Stark girls are at home, the death of Renly has been avenged, she doesn’t have much purpose in the show anyway. She is most possibly waiting to get killed off in a heroic battle in Season 8. She might even die saving Jaime as she is in love with him. In this way, their story would have a bittersweet end.


10. The dragons




The dragons will not make it out alive after the face-off with the White Walkers. While the two remaining dragons will be playing significant roles to check the White Walkers from taking over Westeros, they will not be alive after the war. Also, if Dany dies, of which there is a large possibility, the dragons will have to go as Danaerys and the dragons are too connected. The White Walkers will also like to kill the dragons off as soon as possible and Qyburn has also designed a device to kill the dragons.

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