Gali Guleiyan: Dhamakedar Performances And Praiseworthy Story Without The Mandatory B-Town Masala

1:27 pm 7 Sep, 2018


TopYaps Rating: ★★★☆☆



Films are meant for entertainment, and every producer, who invests his hard-earned money in a project, expects good dividends at the box-office at the end of the day. Sadly, there are also some filmmakers who do not seem to care much about bucks and end up churning out films that do not entertain the majority of the ticket-buying audience, despite winning applause and awards at various national and international film festivals. Gali Guleiyan is one such film.


Aakhir story kya hai?


The psychological thriller revolves around two tales told parallelly. Khuddoos (Manoj Bajpayee), a highly reserved and reticent middle-aged man, has spent his whole life in dark and dingy lanes and bylanes of Old Delhi. He has a weird passion – the passion of spying on neighbours through hidden closed-circuit cameras installed on every electricity pole of the lane. Despite his best friend Ganeshi (Ranvir Shorey) badgering him repeatedly to mend his ways, Khuddoos is hell-bent on doing what he deems is right.



One day, he overhears a boy being beaten mercilessly by his father. Aimless Khuddoos, who is yet to get over his horrendously dark past, has a new mission in life – to save the young boy from his tyrannical father and help him run away from the suffocating lanes of the walled city.


Why Should You Watch It?


Heart-winning Performances



Manoj Bajpayee is a class actor. You give him any role and he will make sure that he performs it with utmost honesty. He does the same with Khuddoos. With his superlative performance, he moves you and makes you feel the pain his character is experiencing on the screen. Ranvir Shorey plays a brief part but succeeds in leaving a mark. Shahana Goswami as Saira is exceptional. Her dialogue delivery and expressions say the unsaid. Neeraj Kabi as Liyakat is also praiseworthy.


Strong story



The film has been written by Dipesh Jain who also happens to be the director and producer of the film. Gali Guleiyan is written beautifully. Its writing is such that can explain the complexities of a human nature in the most subtle and lucid manner. The screenplay is slow, but that ends up being a plus point for the movie.


The not-so-bright sides!


Tedious Direction



Dipesh Jain has written a beautiful film that has its heart at the right place, but his writing does not translate on the screen the way it should have been. His setting is too dark to provide any comfort to the audience. As the captain of the ship, he does take the best out of his actors, but all his efforts turn out to be futile because only brilliant performances cannot infuse life in an otherwise lifeless film.


Slow Editing



People who are not used to watching such types of festival movies cannot sit through it. The pace of the film is very slow. It’s not a very long film, but then we wish it could have been a little shorter.


Final Verdict


Not all movies are meant for everyone, especially a film like Gali Guleiyan. You require esoteric taste and temperament to be fully able to grasp its various insinuations. If the thought of watching an intrinsically dark and saturnine movie scares you, Gali Guleiyan is certainly not for you.


While deciding about booking your tickets or not, take a look at the trailer:



Movie Credits


Director: Dipesh Jain

Cast: Manoj Bajpayee, Ranvir Shorey, Neeraj Kabi, Shahana Goswami

Music Director: Dana Niu

Duration: 117 Minutes