Gabbar Singh’s Lookalike Has Left Twitterati Confused About His Whereabouts, But We Have The Answer!

12:10 pm 10 Aug, 2018


Sholay, released on August 15, 1975, is one of the most celebrated Bollywood films till date. The movie’s characters like Amitabh Bachchan’s Jai, Dharmendra’s Veeru, and Hema Malini’s Basanti made a lasting impression on us, but the way Amjad Khan presented the Gabbar act, is still fresh in the psyche of Indian masses. But have you ever thought that Gabbar Singh’s lookalike ever exist?

Probably no one would have imagined that a villain would make headlines in 1975 as a world-renowned character. Actor Amjad Khan left the heavenly abode in 1992, but his legacy still lives on.



Gabbar’s intense eyes and evil laughter left quite an impression even in real life.




Gabbar had his own cinematic glory, even till today. That’s why spotting a lookalike (doppelganger) of Bollywood’s most famous villain was next to impossible. However, it has come true for his fans!



The internet is in shock since Gabbar Singh’s doppelganger was discovered. The man looks uncannily similar to the filmy decoit and was seen shopping with his wife!



Just like Sholay‘s iconic character, he donned the same green khakhi attire, sported the same beard, and also bore a similar belly.



Gabbar Singh’s doppelganger started doing rounds on the internet after a Twitter user named Shahjahan Khurram (Twitter id @91Shahji) claimed that he was spotted in Karachi.



However, the same picture was posted two days earlier by ARWATCH (Twitter id @OrdinaryMan25). It claimed that Gabbar Singh’s doppelganger was seen near Dakshineswara temple in Kolkata.



Another Twitter user shared a picture of the man at Bara Bazaar in Kolkata on August 1, 2018. The text on the shop’s banner is written in Bengali if seen closely!



With both pictures causing an India-Pak claim war, it’s easy to figure out. His first image is heavily edited and sharpened with clever photoshopping tools.



A leading Bengali News Portal Kolkata24x7 also carried a story about Gabbar Singh’s doppelganger and confirmed that he caused a frenzy in Dakshineswara temple.



Outside the temple premises, he was mobbed and asked his name. He replied, “What will be gained by knowing my name? You must be courageous to ask Gabbar Singh’s name!”





Whether he was from Kolkata or Karachi, the misleading information didn’t stop Gabbar’s fans to feel nostalgic. The legacy lives on.