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10 Things Humans Should Achieve In The Next 100 Years

Published on 24 November, 2017 at 10:00 am By

How would the world be in the next hundred years? The possibilities are eternal. But the progress of humans in the next hundred years is going to determine at what rate we are going to progress in the centuries after that.


If we play our cards right, we can get ourselves out of Earth before the sun consumes it in a distant future which is inevitable and the race against time is already happening.

Though technology is going to be a major weapon in this battle, there are, however, other factors like education that seems so insignificant at a cursory look, but is going to be vital.

Here are 10 things that humans should attain in the next 100 years that might not seem enough or largely important, but would be significant in the distant future.


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1. Reaching ‘Technological Singularity’.

Technological Singularity is that anticipated point of time in future when humans would be able to create artificial intelligence which would be able to think on its own, would discover and invent on its own and would be in the true sense called the ‘super intelligent’.

The arrival of this point in the space of technological advancement would trigger a technological revolution and change the face of the Earth forever. We would witness discoveries and inventions that would not be possible with technologies that need continuous human intervention.


Technological singularity, however, can also result in catastrophic events contrary to our expectations and can even wipe out the Earth we know.


2. Exploring the entire unexplored oceans.

Irony is that while we are looking for life in other planets, we haven’t seen everything that our planet Earth has to offer.

More than 90% of the oceans are still unexplored and we can only imagine which mysterious animals and treasures they might have. We might even stumble upon larger sources of oil and other minerals in the depths of the unexplored oceans than we could have ever known and energy, in the end, is what runs the world.

Just the enormous size of the oceans opens the door to unthinkable possibilities which might change everything we know about our planet.


3. Absolutely free quality global education.

Education is the basic right of everyone in almost every country. But making education a basic right doesn’t guarantee that everyone gets it.

Quality education has become so expensive that it takes people years to pay off the education loans and a larger number of people just drop out because they cannot afford it.

Education must be free globally. It is more a need than a right. If we are planning to get a near perfect society in next 100 years or even accelerate our rate of progress, education needs to be free. The sooner the countries realize this and allocate a large chunk of their budgets in education, the better.


4. Growing new organs.

For now, human teeth can only grow naturally and there is no other way to produce them. The same is true for many other organs like salivary glands, muscles, livers etc.

Today, if anyone needs an organ transplant, he/she simply gets it from another person like in case of a kidney. But if we are successful in producing synthetic organs, a lot of human lives can be saved. In fact, this would be the biggest revolution in health industry yet.


5. Easy and feasible space tourism.

Everyone of us, at least once, have imagined ourselves being in space and be mesmerized at everything about it though how impossible it is. Sadly, this is one dream which cannot be achieved, NOT YET, even if we are ready to spend millions of dollars for one hour in space.

This needs to be changed. For now, only trained astronauts can travel to space for research purposes. But space tourism should dawn upon humanity soon and with the knowledge, technology and resource we have today, we can and we should achieve that in the next 100 years or sooner.


6. 100% renewable energy.

If there is one thing that we are taking for granted today, it has to be our natural sources. We’ve forgotten that these are only present in limited quantities and will end some day and that day is quite close.

It’s high time that we have to focus more on everlasting sources of energy like solar energy and wind energy and must meet 100% of our need for energy in next 100 years or so through renewable sources before it gets too late. We have no option here.


7. The capability to upload one’s consciousness to a virtual reality and live forever.

It would be the closest thing to reaching immortality or, as a matter of fact, beating death.

The concept of uploading our consciousness to an external storage and continue living through our conscience even after the death of our body is not a new one. However, after beating all the odds, we seem to make some progress towards this technology finally. Though the concept still is in its infancy, startups like Humai are dedicated towards its attainment and are hoping to be able to develop the technology that would enable humans to transfer their conscience to bots which would continue to live.

Humai is aiming to make the technology available in the next 30 years.


8. Attain absolute world peace.

Contrary to what many might think, the present world that we have is the safest and most stable world that humans have ever known it. Far less people die today because of violence and wars comparing to the past and it is continuously inching towards attaining a worldwide peace.

But before that could be done, there are many glitches that need to be fixed. The world is still divided and in conflicts. Countries are having their nuclear warheads pointed towards other countries and terrorist organizations are on rampage.

Nevertheless, the way more stress are being given towards world peace for better quality of life, achieving it in the next 100 years can be viable but not easy. A peaceful Earth will shift the attention of humans from wars and survival and towards the progress of humanity as a whole.


9. Permanent colony on Mars.

A colony in Mars could be our firsthand experience in deciphering our ability to adapt to the environment of other planets and survive there and it should be done in the next 100 years. If theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking is to be believed, we need to leave Earth within the next 100 years.

We are running short of resources for our ever growing population and situation is only going to deter in the decades to come and keeping in view that we need to exit the planet eventually, a permanent colony in Mars by the next century sounds like more a need than an adventure.

We need more people like Elon Musk who is working towards colonizing Mars and has already published his plan to invade the red planet. If his vision goes according to plan, it won’t be just the success of his company SpaceX but also a ‘giant leap for humanity’.


10. Worldwide wireless electricity.

The idea of wireless electricity was first made popular by Nikola Tesla, but he could not go further than designing the Tesla Coil, though there have been conspiracy theories that he was actually able to create a whole mechanism which has remained a secret for the profits of corporate houses.

Now, after many decades of speculations, research and looking for possibilities, humanity is finally reaching towards the dream of the genius.

According to a recent report, the scientists of Stanford University has been able to get the technology right for wireless transmission of power though much fine tuning needs to be done. And it is not just them. American engineering company WiTricity is also making much progress towards making it an everyday reality.

We can only imagine how great an impact a fine-tuned wireless electricity transmission technology and 100% renewable source of energy would make.




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