9 Reasons Our Future Generations Are Going To Be Fat

Updated on 1 Sep, 2018 at 6:44 pm


You know what’s an interesting phenomenon? Obesity. It’s kind of like a yawn in that it’s quite contagious. Ironically, while poverty and hunger is still one of the biggest issues, obesity is an even bigger one and here’s why:

9. Lack of Jobs

With unemployment rates through the roof, it’s easier to eat cheap and unhealthy food rather than have a healthy diet. Our kids and their kids will face much of the same, considering the rate at which our population is growing.

Lack of Jobs


8. Stress

They say stress leads to over-eating. What’s more stressful than global warming, lack of fuel, water, clear air, land and a basic standard of living?



7. A Lazy Lazy World


With the trend being binge drinking and drug legalization, is there any hope of waking up before noon?

A Lazy Lazy World


6. Phone addiction

Who has time to exercise when we have to reply on whatsapp, facebook, line, skype, hike, viber, messenger, google plus, twitter and tumblr?

Phone addiction


5. Robots for Maids

Soon, robots will clean your house, wash your clothes, cut your vegetables…basically they’ll do everything to keep us fat.

Soon, robots will clean your house


4. Lack of Healthcare

Most of the time, lack of healthcare and the right medication lead to uncontrolled obesity. A report from Columbia University says that taking antibiotics during pregnancy or having a c-section can cause your children to be obese.

Lack of Healthcare:


3. Processed Foods

Processed and frozen food is cheaper and easier to prepare, which seems to be the simplest way to get a meal in our hectic lifestyles.

Processed Foods


2. Genetics

If we’re fat, our future generations are gonna be fatter. It’s as simple as that.

our future generations are gonna be fatter


1. Pollution

This is probably the worst reason of all but it’s true. With the air getting thicker and more polluted and global warming wreaking havoc on the weather patterns, it’s just safer to kick back and watch some tv





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