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Think Thug Life Is Cool? Well, This Is What You Can Do When You Have A Diplomat’s Life!

Published on 25 October, 2018 at 6:46 pm By

Have you heard about the thug life? Yes, it is the one where people with a kickass attitude smash someone trying to bug him or her. Well, now we present you with a diplomat’s life. Wondering what it is? Well, it is the state where you have the ‘right’ to sell everything. Think we are joking? Of course, but then when you see why we are joking then you will certainly laugh out loud. It all started with a funny tweet.


A Twitter user took to the platform to share this ad from a newspaper. Read the tweet here:



Clearly, it is a typo! But, MISTRESS instead of MATTRESS is certainly a thing to laugh about. Don’t you agree?




Naturally, twitterati had a field day with this post and they came up with hilarious comments. Read some of them here:





True words spoken






A super ‘legal’ sale?









It seems that when you are a diplomat then selling your ‘mistress’ is absolutely legal. Keeping the joke aside, at least the newspaper should read the content before publishing. What do you think of this funny tweet?

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