18 Old Print Ads Of Bollywood Stars That Should Never Have Been Made

Updated on 23 Aug, 2018 at 8:07 pm


There are many good advertisement, video and print both, that we like to watch again and again. However, there are some bizarre ads that are not at all appealing and make us wonder that why they are made in the first place! Here is a list of old print ads of Bollywood stars that should never have been made:


1. For a product that’s aimed at children, what’s better than using someone who haunts their nightmares? It looks like Gabbar stole this from some kid and is now taunting him.




2. The problem with using four frames where three would have worked is that it leads to confusion. What this suggests is that Vinkola-12 was not enough so Amol talked to someone (probably his therapist) who cheered him up.



3. Argh! “The taste of your tongue is packed in this bottle.” Not the taste that your tongue loves, but the taste that your tongue has. That’s why Dilip Kumar looks so concerned.


4. That’s supposed to be Kishore Kumar. Apparently, Brylcreem can make you look like your own doppelganger.



5. I guess this is a watch ad, but it seriously looks like Asha Parekh is going to give us a backhanded slap… and smile while she’s doing it.



6. So Vaseline was a hair cream. So they made an ad. So they chose Prem Chopra. But why they had him look like he was going to jump out of the ad and rape someone is beyond me.



7. Apparently Nanda cared for her complexion but not really about her look because it looks like her makeup was done by a blind baboon.



8. Man! Those collars could be lethal weapons. I like to think that Rajesh Khanna wasn’t sure about this ad, that’s why he doesn’t “inform”, he merely “indicates”.



9. Apparently, all of Rekha’s loves begin with ‘L’, which is news to us. We’re sure at least one begins with ‘A’.



10. Looks like Neetu Kapoor was down with mumps when some clever ad guys decide to make her advertise these oh-so-classy matches.



11. I have never seen anyone look so amazed and happy at the same time; it’s delightful. Then I realized that it’s a big star looking at pan masala and it became sad. Very sad.



12. “All the makings of a great occasion” when Shatrughan Sinha runs out of booze and gets annoyed. Apparently something along the lines of ‘The Hangover’ is going to happen next.



13. Not only do they look uncomfortable (despite trying to smile through it), the dot on the ‘i’ of Avis is very unfortunately placed. Things like that don’t happen by accident so I’m guessing the designer hated Jackie Shroff for some reason.



14. With “software” written on top and those graphics at the back you might mistake this to be an IT-related ad. It’s not. That’s why Juhi’s date looks like he’d like to punch you in the face. Stop being confused, dammit!



15. This is such a weird looking ad. Preity looks like a zombie. Her pose looks acutely uncomfortable. I think it’s just Preity’s head plastered on someone’s body. Really.



16. Ah the good old days! When men’s pants were more pleated than women’s. Salman Khan in palazzo pants, you guys!



17. Everything about this ad is fake. Aishwarya Rai’s excited smile, that weird patch of foam on her shoulder, and the fact that anyone wants me to believe that she uses Lux.



18. Saif Ali Khan apparently locks himself in his bathroom to find peace or pull himself together. Ahem. Also because it will take time to use all those products in his very cluttered bathroom.



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