These Funny Political Posters Will Definitely Give You A Good Laugh

6:32 pm 20 Oct, 2018


India is proud to be known as the greatest democracy in the world. Being a vast country, it has numerous political parties, as diverse as its geographical areas and cultures, in every state. In such a situation, witnessing political parties engaging with each other or fighting in an election is always an interesting thing in India. Yes, putting up huge posters to campaign for the candidate or party is a common theme among political parties in India. However, as we often witness them, sometimes they go overboard or fail to check with the headings and content of the posters.

In this article, we bring you a list of funny political posters that will definitely give you a good laugh. Take a look at these 11 funny political posters that are even more interesting than many politicians out there in the country.


1. Child pissing in the nose of a politician!

A new low and is outright disturbing, isn’t it?





2. Funny name of a woman candidate

Do you see that and can you read it out? Something like SEXY DEVI!




3. Lovers party?

Well, there is so much love in the poster that it makes us laugh!



4. Second Mahabarath War!

As interesting as they are, they have termed the election as ‘Second Mahabarath War’! Not just that, even ‘corruption’ spelling is wrong. Need to be careful next time?




5. Can you make out the meaning of this one?



6. This one will blow you away with its creativity and uniqueness



7. Hindu Sena celebrating Donald Trump’s birthday



8. Which ‘lena aur dena’ are they trying to indicate?



9. Begging for the vote?

Just look at his gesture.



10. The height of photoshop!

This poster is so fake that it is just hilarious.



11. The politician without a shirt on the poster?

Well, the man on the left catches all the attention that no one will read what is written on the right.




Well, these funny political posters are hilarious as well as idiotic, aren’t they?

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