These Funny Photoshoots From The ’90s Will Leave You ROFLing

9:00 am 11 Sep, 2018


Bollywood is probably one of the oldest entertainment industries in India with a huge, huge viewership. Over the course of past years, this industry and the content it produces has seen a lot of changes. And well, this change is part of life and its progressions. In addition, every few years, the audience’s perception also changes. So what we think was a hip trend back then, can turn out to be funny photoshoots from the ’90s today.

In a series throwback pics, we bring to you a list of 10 funny photoshoots from the ’90s that will make you LOL. Not only are they super fun, they’ll also make you wonder what led the actors to pose for such pics in the first place.



Let’s start with the King Khan of Bollywood. Yes, Shah Rukh Khan was a part of one of the funny photoshoots from the ’90s. Not only that, his pic also appeared on the cover of a magazine



Actor Govinda and the beautiful Juhi Chawla posed in clothes made of what seems like wrapping paper. LOL!



Back in the day, even Jaggu Dada aka Jackie Shroff bared it all and posed with a surfboard



Shakti Kapoor has always been a little funky but isn’t the leopard print bit too much? Geez!




This wasn’t the only time crime master Gogo indulged in funny photoshoots from the ’90s. Here’s another one:



John and actress Aditi Govitrikar partook in an event promoting vegetarianism. And its damn funny!



The effervescent Rekha also shot for a magazine cover that we think is rather funny. Isn’t it?



Who would have thought that Akshay Kumar of all actors had it in him?



Seems like a classic ’90s pose, but not anymore! We reckon even Lolo will agree that this is one funny shot of hers



Which of these shots did you think was the funniest? Did we miss any?