US Man Hilariously Live-Tweeted Office Drama After Someone Stole His Colleague’s Lunch

6:31 pm 31 Mar, 2018


Ever had your lunch stolen from the office fridge? Then you know the trauma! When you are dreaming about hogging that ‘piece of cake’ during lunch break only to find out that it has disappeared, it’s truly heartbreaking!





Recently, a guy felt the same pang of pain when his ‘Shrimp fried rice’ went missing from the fridge. What picked the interest of the netizens is that one of his co-workers decided to live-tweet the entire incident.




Zak Toscani, who is a comedian and a writer took it upon himself to let the world know about this hilarious catastrophe. In this first tweet, he revealed the incident followed by the news that the guy whose lunch was stolen would be allowed to see the video footage of CCTV camera. He didn’t forget to add that it’s the most exciting day of his job. We would feel the same too!


Grab your popcorn as you are about to experience an intense tweet drama!



The news


Quick escalation


Valuable fact




The Culprit


Shocking twist




Drawing timeline




The office memo


Enter the villain



Cool criminal






No remorse





Think the drama is finished? Not yet! After live-tweeting these incidents, Zak decided to order Shrimp fried rice and offered it to the girl along with others. What happened next will make you gasp!




He finally ends the thread by saying that he is unable to end the show on a happy note. Also, that he now has to sit with this cold-blooded individual for 40 hours a week.




Did you enjoy the dramatic disclosure of “The great shrimp fried rice robbery?” Tell us in comments.

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