These 16 Indian Town Names Are So Funny, They’ll Make You Want Visit Them (18+)

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1:23 am 19 Jul, 2016

When it comes to having funny names for things, Indians can give any other nation tough competition. We’re just funny like that. And like this:


1. This name makes sense


2. A land only for men

3. Keh ke lunga!

4. Babaji ka

5. This land is dedicated to all brothers-in-law

6. Bow! Bow! Bow!

7. Bus zaroorat hai to sirf beer ki.

8. Why people? Why?

9. Laugh out loud, everyone!

10. Let’s get stoned

11. Here guys definitely have balls

12. Yeah! Fuck you, Lee!

13. Full of it

15. Maybe stomach issues

16. Hum Dilli wale hain. Aur aap?
Ji hum Bhosari wale hain!




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