12 Funniest Indian Nicknames You Come Across Most Often

Updated on 28 Jun, 2018 at 7:16 pm


In India, we have a large and very funny variety of nicknames which we use on our loved ones. It is basically formed either out of affection or just to irritate the person. We generally term all our loved ones by one funny nickname be it anybody, somebody from our family or somebody from our friends group. But at the same time it is a symbol of acceptance as we can only nickname those people who we know really well and are very close to us, as we know they won’t get offended.

So here are 12 very funny and famous Indian nicknames which we generally find around us.

1. Bewada

The person who loves drinking alcohol even though they can’t handle it. So in the end they behave in a very funny manner. As alcohol enters them they loose their control but still won’t leave it, they keep drinking until and unless they pass out or they can’t handle it. They will never say to alcohol.

2. Netaji

The politics lover. This person loves taking decisions and ruling over everybody. They love being the main and always want to have the control button. They always try to behave like a politician leader and will always act like that they are not biased. They love the gossip and always to be everybody’s favourite.

3. Pujari

This person is always found sitting in front of god asking for something. According to them the solution to each and every problem is god, be it exams or be it dating somebody. They are the genuine astrology followers.

4. Chotu

The innocent one. This one is treated like a kid. Even when the person is of the same age group they treat him like as if he is younger to them. Anything said by this one is taken like a joke and is loved the most.

5. Kancha

The big built ‘macho’ of the group. Whenever there is any fight, all the people rely on this. Considered the strongest and their personality expresses that they can beat anybody to pulp.


Macho of the group - funny names in hindi

6. Bukhad

We generally use this nickname for our eating buddy. They love food and the only way to their heart is through their stomach. Their main priority in life is to eat. Even their no to food is a yes. They love hogging and are least concerned about their health. They know most of the eating places and sometimes even the menu.

7. Tharki

We generally use this nickname for that friend who is never tired of flirting. He/she can hit on anybody and try to get a chance with everybody. They just can’t stand being single and sometimes even when they are dating they hit on other people. They don’t mind being called a flirt and love their image of being a cassanova.

8. Chamdi

The person who loves doing stunts and these stunts are not normal. They will go and eat at shaddy places, will go to places alone in night and will act like that they are not scared. They scare the hell out of their closed ones as this category can go to any extent to keep themselves happy.

9. Golu

The person with the chubby cheeks, is the cutest and loved the most. They are well known for their cute smile and their fun-loving and cheerful nature.

10. Sadu

This person is following the footsteps of devdas. Somehow he is never happy and will find something negative in each and every topic. They always have that sad face and it’s next to impossible to make them smile. They don’t find anything funny and according to them doing fun with your friends is just timepass.

11. Baba

There is always one baba in every group. The one who can throw his opinion in every topic under the sun for us. They act like they know everything and have seen life very closely. They act very mature to their age and you can go to them with your problem anytime as they will always be ready to write a book of solutions for you.

12. Rotlu

Simply the cry baby. When they are sad they cry but even when they are happy they cry. They express their each and every emotion in the form of crying. They are too emotional and fragile to handle and sometimes it becomes really difficult to handle them.