Men Should Be Glad These 10 Hairstyles Are Out Of Fashion

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Updated on 7 Nov, 2015 at 12:53 pm


Ideally, popular fashion should help us look our best and hide our paunches and our love handles. Unfortunately, when fashion goes nuts, then what’s popular is something that just doesn’t suit most people. These looks below must have been a pain to maintain and even harder to pull off. Nah?


1. These gigantic flowing wigs were probably only good for one thing – hiding men’s bald pates.


2. Nope, not even Benedict Cumberbatch can carry this look off.



3. The high top – I guess it’s kind of back but without the long hair draped over the shoulder.


4. The mullet was one popular look that made most people look like they didn’t know what a comb was.


5. Must have taken immense amounts of gel and hairspray to achieve this look – like you escaped from a mental ward.


6. Once again – very popular but very hard to carry off. Only bulging muscles can distract from that hairdo.


7. Samurai were pretty cool but not really to look at.


8. Salman Khan sporting a very popular look of the 90s – man meets water buffalo.


9. This 00s look wasn’t that bad but it was just hard to get away from. Every guy had this tuft on his forehead.



10. Lord knows why the 80s went overboard with long hair for men. At least we know that if this ever makes a comeback, it’ll be with a hairless chest.

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