10 Photos That Capture The Hilarious Faces Dogs Make When They Try To Catch Food

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7:36 pm 21 Dec, 2015

When a 45-year-old journalist, Christian Vieler, acquired a new camera in 2012, he became and avid photographer, spending time capturing these adorable photos of dogs trying to catch food.

“Every shoot I am looking for that specific moment when the dog is looking as cute or funny as they can be,” said Vieler. “That cannot be seen without the power of freezing motion – dog’s faces with magnificent lineaments, telling us stories of panic, desire and joy.”


1. I don’t think he’s going to catch it. What say?

german shepherd


2. You go, dog!



3. He couldn’t care less.



4. Maybe he could.



5. Now that’s pure happiness!



6. Eye on the target.

flying food


7. How many treats are we going to throw his way? All!

german shepherd 2


8. “I got it! I got it!”



9. Split second difference.



10. It was thrown. It was caught. It was eaten.


Via boredpanda.

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