10 Common Childhood Terrors That We Laugh About

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10:00 am 27 Jan, 2015

1. The monster under your bed

Or was he in your cupboard? As a child it was impossible to ignore the scary monster that lurks in your bedroom…waiting for you to go to sleep. That’s why you just couldn’t sleep; you had to stay alert – hiding under the blanket, completely frozen.


2. Called to the principal’s office

How your little heart would race at the thought of having to face the principal. You’d try to think of all the reasons why you were going through this nightmare. You’d walk as slowly as possible and burst out crying outside the office.

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3. Parental cloud sharing

One parent threatening to tell the other parent what you did was enough to make you beg for mercy and promise to never do anything naughty EVER again.


4. Damn that horror movie!

You’d insist on watching some horror movie despite your parents telling you not to and then be unable to sleep at night. Then you’d run to your parent’s room and get in between them, you kabab main haddi.

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5. Schooldays blues

What’s worse than having to join a school and trying to fit in a new environment without your parents around? What a crying fit children throw on the first day of school! You did too.


6. Lies will follow you

Remember that first time you told a lie and ran off to play with your friends? Half the time you were terrified about your parents finding out and punishing you; the other half, you spent hiding from anyone who recognized you.

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7. You’re adopted

Someone around you was cruel enough to tell poor little you that you were adopted and your real parents could come and take you home any time. What a torture it was to be in a state of constant fear of being taken away.

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8. You messed up

When you broke that vase or dropped that thali of goodies, for a moment you couldn’t even move due to sheer horror. Then you’d spend your time trying to think of the perfect excuse to fool your parents.


9. Danger is near

Now you laugh about it, but as a child there was that one adult who scared you shitless. You’d go out of your way to avoid this person and if he/she was near you, you wouldn’t dare speak a word.

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10. Shadow people

Your imaginative brain could create monsters in the shadows after dark. At first it was probably fun, but as the night became darker, you’d  put yourself into a state of panic. Every time the shadow moved, you nearly wet yourself and familiar things looked alien.

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