10 Funniest Tweets By Bollywood Celebs That Are Sure To Set You Rolling With Laughter!

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1:43 pm 26 Jul, 2018


Over 100 years old now, Bollywood is something that resides in the mind and heart of almost every Indian. On the other hand, social media is not that old but has become an integral part of everyone, young and old alike. And when Bollywood and Twitter join hands, the result is undoubtedly magical. Twitter and Twitterati have witnessed hundreds of funny tweets by Bollywood celebrities. Here we present some of the funniest tweets by Bollywood celebs for you right here! Take a look:


1. Rishi Kapoor



Of late, Rishi Kapoor has been in the news mostly for his short temper. But the seasoned actor has a perky side too. The tweet below shows just that side of Rishi Kapoor:



2. Shah Rukh Khan



We all mostly refer to Shah Rukh Khan as the King of Romance, but time and again, the ever young actor has proved that he is also the King of witty jokes. He has shown his witty side on Twitter on more than one occasion. We have brought for you, the funniest of his reply to a tweet by a fan. Take a look:



3. Jackky Bhaghnani



Jackky Bhaghnani got himself trolled not for a tweet that he intended to be funny, but for a blunder that made his tweet funny. Take a look:



The above tweet was an attempt to appreciate Malala Yousafzai. We hope you understood that he meant “Malala” and not “masala”. Not just that, he even misspelt “prize” as “price”!


4. Uday Chopra



He might be absent from the screen for a long time, but Uday Chopra is quite active on social media and keeps posting bizarre stuff. Here is one tweet by him that we found extremely funny:


5. Twinkle Khanna



Our very own Mrs. Funnybones has also been the center of social media’s attention quite a few times. She keeps posting “lame” jokes. Here is the best of them:



6. Boman Irani




Boman Irani is one actor who can be seen at his wittiest best, be in on screen or off. Here is one time that he impressed Twitterati a hilarious joke:



7. Shirish Kunder



Shirish Kunder’s tweet is another epic in the list of funniest tweets by Bollywood celebrities. Take a look:



8. Poonam Pandey


Funniest tweets by Bollywood celebs 15

Actress-model Poonam Pandey. Source


Poonam Pandey is one controversial Bollywood celebrity who knows very well how to keep herself in the limelight with her nasty social media posts. But this one crossed all limits of funniness. Take a look:



9. Salman Khan



We all know that earlier this year, Salman Khan spent two days in Jodhpur Central Jail for allegedly killing two blackbucks. Also, the case against him for allegedly killing a man sleeping roadside hasn’t been hidden from the world. In such a situation, Salman Khan tweeted something that literally made even irony die and set Twitter rolling with laughter. Take a look:



Though it’s an old tweet, it was still equally ironical at the time it was made.


10. Kamaal R Khan



Needless to say, he is always on the top of the list of Bollywood celebrities making funny tweets. However, his tweets have the pun of an altogether different level, is another fact. Though it is not difficult to find out several hilarious tweets from his Twitter feed, we have dug out the best one of those. Here it is:



Someone please remind him that Modi has been the PM of India for four years now and he hasn’t fulfilled either of his promises!