16 Funniest Incidents In Cricket Sure To Give You A Cramp

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8:15 pm 11 Feb, 2015


1. When Mark Richardson swept everyone with a cry.

Richardson of New Zealand swept a ball but fell to the ground with a cry – he had hurt his back – leaving everyone around in splits.

2. When Richardson (again) apologized profusely for his flying bat.

Yes, butter-palmed Richardson was unable to keep a grip on his bat and it went flying high into the air before landing a few meters away. His apologetic gesture to the umpire added to the hysteria.

3. When Indians were unaware that the leg umpire was missing.

“Where the f&#k is the umpire?” must have been the collective thought of all Indian players when Suresh Raina almost run out Brian Lara. Leg umpire Billy Doctrove was out of the ground, setting up a sight screen problem.


4. The Rana with the slippery feet.

Pakistani cricketer Rana Naved ul Hasan twice slipped while fielding a ball. Worse, he even kicked it once, almost taking it near the boundary ropes. Everyone was heard laughing.

 5. When Aussies swayed at the signals of an Englishman.

This was epic. When English cricketer Ronnie Irani realised that the Australian crowd was mimicking his moves, he went to the fence and started doing a warm up. What followed is this:

6. The bowl Dilshan couldn’t scoop.

You know Tillakaratne Dilshan is a good fielder. But there was this one ball which he threw in the air only for it to land on his head. Boink!

7. When the world caught a glimpse of Virat Kohli’s underwear.

Yuvraj Singh was seen laughing and so was the crowd. Kohli dived and was able to save the ball from going over the ropes but he could not save his pant from slipping down and reveal the white.

8. That moment when Inzamam fell on the wickets.

He is the man who redefined the meaning of hit wicket.

9. Kenny Benjamin and the mystery of the missing ball.

Umpire Cyril Mitchley forgot to give the ball and the smart Benjamin does this:

10. When the English confused the Aussies.

There were three English batsmen (one was a runner), and together they succeeded in bewildering the Australians.

11. Lillie, caught Willie, bowled Dilley.

That’s not silly! The batsman was Dennis Lillie. The bowler was Englishman Graham Dilley. The fielder was Peter Willey. Hear the commentator.

12. When Ambrose played football with Mark Waugh.

Ambrose proved Mark Waugh sucks at football.

13. This cartwheel by Syed Kirmani.

Such perfection! No wonder he is a legend.

14. The storm and the curator who ended a cricket match.

The curator came out and removed the bails before the umpires could say anything. Moments later a hailstorm hit Gabba.

15. When Eddie, the pig, brought smiles on the faces of all.

Someone was making fun of the rotund Ian Botham and Eddie Hemmings during an England vs Australia match Down Under.

16. And the master of funny things.

Everything Merv Hughes has done, has entertained everyone. Here is a quick compilation.


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