Too Poor To Buy Wood, This Man Cremated His Wife On A Pyre Made From Garbage, Used Tyres

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3:03 pm 5 Sep, 2016

He didn’t have Rs.2,500 needed to buy wood for the cremation of his deceased wife so Jagdish Bhil used disposed tyres, plastic from garbage, and wood he cut from forest for the funeral pyre.

The incident happened in Nimich, a small town located some 270 kilometers from Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

That he used tyres and garbage and had to chop a bit of wood to cremate his wife is indeed heartbreaking. But what shows the height of inhumanity is that the officials at the crematorium did not help Bhil with money, wood or anything better than garbage.

Reports say that Bhil’s wife Nauji Bai passed away on September 2. He went to nearby Ratangarh for the cremation. As is the case everywhere in India, he was denied wood because he had no money.

He requested panchayat officials and those at the crematorium to help him but no one came forward. On the other hand, reports say that he was advised to either bury the body or “throw it into the river”.

Jagdish Bhil (R) with a pickaxe because he was initially told to “bury” his wife’s body.

Seeing his plight, the locals went to the municipality requesting help for Bhil. The district officials claim that wood was sent but locals say that it arrived after the cremation was done.

Rajnish Srivastava, the District Magistrate, has ordered an enquiry into the incident and has sought a report from the SDM.



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