15 Fun Facts About Your Favorite Alcohol Brands

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Updated on 24 Jun, 2016 at 6:37 pm


1. Smirnoff

The on-screen relationship between James Bond and Smirnoff was shown for the first time in Dr. No, a 1962 classic spy flick where Sean Connery played Bond.

smirnoff fun facts


2. Guinness


The standard time to fill a pint (Perfect Pint) is 119.5 seconds while pouring at an inclination of 45 degrees.

guinness fun facts


3. Old Monk

The Old Monk 10000 Super Beer is something most of its Rum-rooters are unaware of.

old monk fun facts


4. Jack Daniel’s

Along with paychecks on the first Friday of every month, employees are gifted a bottle of JD for a happy weekend.

jack daniels fun facts


5. Budweiser

This beer brand has got its name from Budweis, a commercial city of Czech Republic.

budweiser fun facts


6. Chivas Regal

This Scottish brand was made to fulfill the luxury demands of America when its economy began blooming out in the early 1900s.

chivas regal fun facts


7. Carlsberg 

Carlsberg’s logo used to be a swastika symbol which was later removed for resembling the Nazi insignia.

carlsberg fun facts


8. Bacardi

Cuba — where Bacardi was initially manufactured — used to be filled with Americans during the Prohibition era; only for this specific brand.

Bacardi fun facts


9. Johnnie Walker 

John Walker, the founder of this brand, remained a teetotaler throughout his life.

johnnie walker fun facts


10. Heineken 

The first brewery of Heineken isn’t operational now; rather it has been turned into Heineken Experience Museum.

heineken fun facts


11. Black Dog 

It was earlier known as Millard Black Dog, honoring the name of Walter Millard, who while serving in the East India Company, introduced whiskey to the Indians for the first time.

Walter Samuel Millard whisky India


12. Royal Challenge 

The IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore has been named after this brand.

royal challenge facts


13. Captain Morgan 

The slogan of Captain Morgan rum is “To Life, Love and Loot.”

captain morgan rum facts


14. McDowell’s No. 1 

With three different products – Whisky, Rum and Brandy; McDowell’s No. 1 is the world’s largest umbrella spirit brand.

mcdowell's no. 1 facts


15. Royal Stag 

For appearing in an advertisement of this Indian whisky company, Wasim Akram was once fined 25,000 Pakistani rupees along with making an apology to his countrymen.


royal stag fun facts

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