BJP Commits A Blunder In Its Graph On Fuel Price Hike, Congress Corrects It In The Most Epic Way!

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4:59 pm 11 Sep, 2018


The debate on the issue of fuel price hike is quite a heated one in the country at the moment. The Congress party and its leaders claimed that the central government could have passed on the benefit of cheaper crude oil in the international market to the common people. The BJP, on the other hand, has passed on the blame to the previous UPA-led government for increasing the excise duty exponentially during its 10-year rule which has now led to a fuel price hike.

Amidst all the buzz, the BJP, on September 10, tweeted two infographics depicting the rise in prices of petrol and diesel in Delhi. Titled as ‘Truth of Hike in Petroleum Prices’, the tweets showed the rate of fuel price hike over the past 15 years.




As per the first infographic, the price of petrol in 2014, the time when BJP took charge of the centre from the hands of Congress was Rs 71.41. At present, the per litre price of petrol in the national capital is Rs 80.73. The figures directly imply a rise of close to 13 percent. However, BJP committed a blunder in the infographic. Here is what they tweeted:



Instead of showing a rise in the price in the bar graph, a decline was shown. The prices, however, were mentioned correctly.

A similar blunder was made in the tweet depicting the change in the price of diesel. Instead of showing a 28 percent fuel price hike in the price of diesel in the national capital from Rs 56.71 in 2014 to Rs 72.83 in 2018, the bar graph showed a decline, while mentioning the prices correctly. Take a look:



It is quite obvious that it couldn’t have been taken lightly by a section of social media users as well as political outfits. Taking a note of the gaffe by BJP, Indian National Congress, the opposition party was quick to correct it. Take a look at the tweet by the Congress party:



Meanwhile, Twitter also had a great time laughing at the BJP’s goof up! Check out some responses to BJP’s goofed graphs:




















Do you think BJP would have done it intentionally?

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