FTII’s Response To ‘Pepsi Thi Pi Gaya’ Ad Is Epic

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6:32 pm 3 Nov, 2015


Have we not enjoyed Pepsi’s iconic slogans ‘Yeh dil mange more’ and ‘Oh yes abhi‘? The jingles have succeeded in creating and maintaining their market. But Pepsi’s latest television ad, ‘Pepsi thi pi gaya’, is giving it a hard time.

The Pepsi ad shows a reporter interviewing college students, who are on hunger strike.





A young protester is lured by a bottle of Pepsi and drinks it just as their leader claims that the fasting students will not relent.




The timing of the ad’s release made it a highly sensitive matter because it allegedly took a dig at the hunger strike of FTII student’s.

But FTII’s response to the ad was quintessentially FTII. They came up with a spoof mocking the logic of the Pepsi slogan itself.

The FTII spoof showed a man pissing over the plant in his cabin and calling it normal!




And a man getting slapped for considering the releasing of an MMS ‘not a big deal’!




Actor Swara Bhaskar tweeted her appreciation for FTII’s response.



The backlash was so intense that Pepsi had to tell this in a statement to a media house defending itself.

“At PepsiCo we take great care to ensure that our campaigns do not hurt viewer sensibilities. We would like to bring to your notice that the latest Pepsi TVC has no correlation whatsoever with the ongoing protest by the students of FTII and in fact, viewers are sure to have noticed, that in the TVC’s fictitious situation, the placards are clearly opposing a fee hike in a college. The new ‘Pepsi thi, pi gaya’ campaign simply highlights the great taste of Pepsi through the eyes of its consumers.”


Have a look at Pepsi’s ad…



Now laugh out loud with FTII’s spoof.


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