We Have A Frisbee Team Ready For World Championships And They Are Gunning For Glory

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8:57 pm 20 Jul, 2016

There is this round disk called Frisbee. But of course you know it.

Haven’t you played with one as a kid? I have, and I remember the thrill of playing with a Frisbee.


The game played with a Frisbee is called Ultimate. (Like a game played with a bat and ball is called Cricket or Baseball, depending on the type of the bat.) Don’t think that playing with a Frisbee is just a pastime; it is played at the international level and also has a governing body called World Flying Disc Federation.

The game is very interesting and requires a bare minimum of infrastructure. Ultimate can be played on a flat surface whether grassy, sandy or hard.

Each team has seven players and the best part is that a team can have both men and women in it.

The rules are very simple – all a team has to do is pass the flying saucer from one end to another into the opponent’s rectangle.



The most unique part of the sport is that it has no referee.

Disputes are settled by the team members themselves, setting a stellar example in sportsmanship. The rules do not change at the highest levels too.


So, it is not surprising that countries like Japan, United States, Sweden, Great Britain and a host of other nations have professional teams playing this non-contact sport.

Did you know that India too has a team? Yes, there is an Ultimate team consisting of players from across India with an insatiable hunger to bring glory to India in this sport.


The players, all under 20, may come from different cities but most are bound by a common thread –financially weak backgrounds.

And like most sports other than Cricket in India, the Frisbee team too faces a gamut of challenges chief of which is funding.


Yet braving the odds, our U-20 team is ready to bring laurels for the country at World Junior Ultimate Championship (WJUC) happening in Wroclaw, Poland from July 31 to August 6, 2016.

The team is ready and raring to win. You can wish them luck on their Facebook page. And if you can, please help them by donating here.


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