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16 Reasons That Prove Friendships Are Better Than Relationships, And You Will Agree

Published on 5 August, 2018 at 10:00 am By

Friendships or relationships, the base is created on trust and love. The differences come in the daily routine. Commitment, khichkich, social media issues and whatnot. You might definitely agree that you value your partner as much as your best friend. But which is actually better? We say friendships are better than relationships! Well, here we have few reasons to prove that it’s true.


On this Friendship Day don’t forget to share those reasons with your peers to show how much you love them and that friendships are better than relationships.


1. Because everybody knows bromance is better than romance



2. Well, ending a friendship with your best friend is way harder than ending your relationships



3. Because there is never any added pressure to ‘woo’ your friends. ‘F**k off’ does the needful




4. Try staying away from your girlfriend for a week and try the same with your friend, you’ll know



5. Always notice, you never go to your boyfriend for advise on weird issues but to your best friend



6. Because you will, I repeat, you WILL enjoy your bachelor trip more than your honeymoon



7. Because you hide your relationships with lies and are always in the fear of getting caught



8. Because there’s no pressure to get ready when you go meet your best friends, you can be at your shabby best



9. No tension for their birthdays. Try doing nothing special for your partner’s birthday, and face the wrath



10. Damn, you don’t have to remember so many dates. Uska birthday, uske kutte ka birthday!



11. Your friends are always up for a drinking plan; your partner won’t even let you drink at times



12. Damn, enter a relationship and you will never have your own ‘Fortress of Solitude’



13. “Hah! Commitment? What is that?” say friends. “Commitment? Mat kar yaar”, said no girlfriend ever!



14. There won’t be any ‘kaun hai voh ladki‘ in friendship. You have your independence



15. No khichkich, no jhanjat. Slight misunderstandings and amazing patch-up parties



Friends are way better than the ‘love of your life’. Any disagreements on the fact that friendships are better than relationships?

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