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17 Types Of Friends Every Guy Needs

Updated on 1 September, 2018 at 4:54 pm By

All men know they need a variety of friends to take care of their needs. Whether it is the office peon who runs down to buy them cigarettes or the bouncer at the club who will let them in free, men know they will not get by without their jugaad friends. Who are these friends that every man needs, you ask?

1. The wingman


He is the friend who always has your back when it comes to scouting the prettiest women at a nightclub. Not only does he manage to get you an introduction, he also very carefully maneuvers himself in a manner so as to not steal your thunder.

2. The alcohol friend

It’s midnight in Delhi and you and your buddies really want to have another drink. But since all the thekas are closed and Gurgaon seems too far to drive, who do you call? Fear not, for you always have that one friend who has a cabinet that is stocked to the high heavens with the best of liquor.

3. The driver

With the strict drinking and driving laws in Delhi, the one important part of any social group is that one boy who does not drink. He may be the good boy who has been taught that drinking alcohol is a sin, but as they say, one man’s sin is another’s opportunity!

4. The jugaad guy

Oh, how important this friend is! It almost seems like he knows the entire world. You need to buy a Dior perfume cheap? He knows which guy to call. You want to get into the newest nightclub in town? His friend’s uncle owns it. You want to go for a holiday to Thailand? His uncle/nephew/friend/girlfriend is dating the owner of a swanky hotel. Your life is set!

5. The rich friend

The inevitability of the end of every month is the lack of money in your pocket. But fear not, your rich friend comes in handy right about now. Mummy and Daddy keep him spoiled by giving him extravagant presents and an even more exorbitant pocket money. His pocket money keeps your alcohol and food flowing.

6. The token black friend

Every group of friends needs that one friend who is African. This gives them crazy amounts of street credibility, not to mention nobody will mess with these boys ever!

7. The tech friend


Your computer crashed? Don’t sweat it bro! you have that friend on speed dial who not only can solve your computer woes for you, but also points you to the coolest newest technology that is available. You’ll never buy the wrong laptop or phone ever again.

8. The older friend

This is especially applicable to boys who are still in college/high school. That one older person in your life, who acts as your mentor, and helps you with girl troubles, how to score ganja, where to buy cheap tharra liquor. This guy teaches you the ways of life.

9. Local panwaadi

Let’s not forget the awesomeness that is your local panwaadi. Once he is your friend, even if you are stone cold broke, he will give you your cigarettes and other daily necessities on credit. All you have to do in return is make idle conversation with him and occasionally give him some mithai.

10. The nerdy friend

Admit it. Just being close to this guy makes you feel a hundred times smarter. He may look like an oversized insect with his thick glasses, but just by picking up a few tidbits from him here and there helps you impress the ladies with your intellect.

11. The cool female friend

She may or may not be a tomboy, but every guy needs that one female friend who is akin to being one of the boys. You feel free to make any sort of joke in front of her, without fear of offending her delicate sensibilities. She in turn, helps you hook up with some of her hottest female friends. It’s a win-win situation!

12. The office friend

Oh yes, you also need that one friend in the office that you can be completely yourself with, without any fear of gossip getting around. This friend is a much-needed source of laughter and camaraderie during those long office hours.

13. The gym friend

You finally decide that you need to get in shape and sign up at the local gym. Nobody can you help better than that one friend you have who is so buff that he looks like he is an entire continent himself. This buddy steers you in the right direction when it comes to exercising.

14. The friend with the cool parents

This is one household that has seen more parties than all the nightclubs in Delhi put together. This friend has the most chilled out parents and in this house, everyone is welcome at all odd hours, whether just to sleep off a hangover, have a little cozy time with the girlfriend or to just throw a raging party.

15. The gullible friend

This friend is usually the butt of all jokes at a social gathering. He is a constant source of amusement because he will believe anything you tell him; whether the moon is actually made of cheese, or jumping off the first floor with a bunch of helium balloons will actually allow him to fly!

16. The joker

This guy is the practical joker whose presence ensures a constant source of laughter. He is the life of every party with his antics. You can be absolutely assured that when he is around, there is not a dull moment to be had.

17. The smoker

This friend is your constant supply of ganja and charas. He has schooled you in the art of rolling a joint or smoking a bong. He also has a number of dealers on his speed dial. He shows up to parties with ten joints pre-rolled so everyone can just have a good time when he’s around.


Did we miss any type of friend? Why don’t you let us know in the comments!


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