15 Reasons Why Having Friends At Office Is Totally Awesome

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2018 at 3:53 pm


Office hours can become really monotonous and boring without office buddies. Compare it to the first day of joining office. Was it not lonely to be all by yourself?

If you too have some great office buddies, you will certainly relate to the pointers below. These are just for you.

1. Since you sail in the same boat and have the same boss, you’re like each other’s pillow to rest when things get rough

Office scuffles are only bearable because you have supportive friends around.


you’re like each other’s pillow to rest when things get rough

2. It’s totally fun to talk about the most trivial or serious matters with them

3. We can take Cigi breaks even if we don’t smoke

It is relieving to puff off office worries during a cigarette break with a smoker friend.

4. Chai and coffee breaks are so refreshing when office buddies are around

Ideas always burst in the head over a cup of coffee.

5. You can ask each other your dumb work questions

Things like – how to create a spreadsheet on Google. And they are helpful even if you don’t let them check your stuff on the laptop.

 6.We don’t always need to eat at the office canteen; with friends around, we can always check out new eating joints around the office

7.Who else to talk about your latest crush in office if not with your work buddy?

8.There’s always someone you can borrow things from

From the simplest things like a pen, to headphones, lipstick, mascara, kajal and even tampons, there’s someone who will lend willingly to you

9.If it’s someone we can absolutely share our Monday morning blues with – it’s them

10.You can never get bored for they will keep sharing every silly news byte on instant messenger throughout the day

From Amazon sales to Ranbir Katrina love updates; it’s all going to be pinged on your system every other hour

11.Office parties and outings are no longer boring with some work friends around

12.Work friends are also our after-office booze friends

They’re always there to bring us safely home, if we’ve had some extra drinks of alcohol.

13.There’s always someone to cover up for us when we reach office late

They always come up with good excuses; just WhatsApp them on time to keep you on the same page

14.Personal or professional, you can always count on them for advice

15.Want a referral or a good review for appraisal? Our work friends always put in a good word for us

At least there will be one good referral done on your appraisal application every time



Do you have great friends at office? Write in and share your experiences in the comments below.

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