10 Ways To Spend Friday Evenings Productively Instead Of Hanging With Your Besties

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6:15 pm 11 Sep, 2015

No, I am not ‘banning’ you from chilling out with your besties. Also, I am no fan of Rakhi Sawant (which indirectly makes me a twitter follower of Sunny Leone ;).

Jokes apart, I felt like sharing some of the things I do on every Friday evening that make my day more valuable and interesting. Ohh! Wait, that doesn’t mean I don’t hit the clubs. But I can postpone that to Saturday night.

So, before you text your best friend – “Kahin chalte hain b*nchod, bore ho gaya hun”, just take my point of view!


1. Just cook anything you want.

I know the last time you entered your kitchen was when your parents were out of town and you were hungry as hell, and made that finger-licking burger that was a million times better than Mc Donald’s.

But you won’t cook because you are a lazy freak and eating momos at the ‘Junk Corner’ will make you healthy.Really?


2. Visit an old age home.

The most peaceful and unfortunate place I have ever been to. Why do people send their parents to an old age home? No answer can justify it. They brought you into this world, and you threw them out.

But sadly, you have no time to visit the old age home, because you have appointment with the hair stylist. Right? 

3. Sitting alone and think about life.

What a blissful time! Thoughts talk to you like friends and the calm air refreshes your soul. All the best decisions of my life were made on the lonesome roof, my friend.

Ohh! I know you have to watch the last episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ for the third time, so reflection can wait!

4.  Switch off your phone for your girlfriend’s sake (As God is too cliche now)

I once deliberately broke my phone as it was getting on my head. No, don’t make that mistake. Just switch it off, and feel the composure it bestows on you.

But you just cannot do it. OMG! You will miss the intellectual talks that are so important to fight terrorism!   


5. Surfing and reading meaningful debates on the internet.

You never know, you might end up reading this enlightening article, which will regenerate your maturity.

But ignoring a porn movie on Friday evening is against the law, and you are an honest citizen. I got your point, buddy!

6. Clean up your house but start with your room first.

You woke up early to reach office on time. You were ready and about to leave. At the last moment, you started searching  for your charger and wasted 30 minutes. End result: Boss f*cks you.

But you won’t clean up the mess and instead buy three more chargers.


7. Read today’s newspaper and update your general knowledge.

That’s the most boring thing invented on this planet. But my friend, you never faced any problem reading those lengthy texts on Whatsapp.

Yeah, you will read the newspaper, but Delhi Times. Alia Bhatt in the making!

8. Call your old friend who you really miss.

It’s been ages you called him. Remember the last time you phoned him/her? You guys had a blast!

But you both are suffering from “ego” issues. Then, better take an appointment  with the psychiatrist to find the remedy! 

9. Practice yoga and meditation.

Freshly brewed beer is a temporary solution for controlling anxiety and panic attacks. With increasing cost of beer nowadays, peace of mind is hard to get.

But you would still go to a beer shop to cure frustration, as your restless mind is not conditioned to mediate (which is actually free of cost). 


10. Follow one step at a time.

I know this article was motivating enough to change your mindset. And you desperately want to share it with your besties.

And you will try to do all these things today. Just do one of them. Thank you.  



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