French Media To Stop Publishing Names And Photos Of Terrorists So As Not To Glorify Them

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9:57 am 29 Jul, 2016

Following Islamic State’s attack in Nice on July 14 and murder of an elderly priest in a church near Rouen, many French news organizations have decided that they will no longer publish photos or names of people that are responsible for terrorist killings.

With this move, the french media hopes to avoid bestowing “posthumous glorification”of these terrorists.


A leading daily in France – Le Monde – recently said that “all elements of society” had to be involved in the struggle against terrorism, and in this media organisations had a special role to play.

Le Monde initially had chosen not to republish images from ISIS propaganda documents and after Nice attack had decided to not publish photographs of the perpetrators to avoid “posthumous glorification”.

Following Le Monde’s move, several other media houses like BFM-TV and La Croix too decided to follow suit and follow same course of action.



File Photo of BFM-TV station. La-Croix

The move was then taken up by ‘Europe 1’ radio, with TV channel ‘France 24’ expected to join soon.

Though, not all agree to Le Monde’s ‘blackout’ plan as France Télévisions believe it is media’s “duty is to inform the citizens” and “self-censorship” should be avoided.


They also believe suppressing names and pictures of terrorists would contribute to the “anxiety of the public” as they will feel that they are being kept in the dark.



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