This Garbage Bin Provides Free WiFi Connectivity To Responsible People Only

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2:12 pm 19 Aug, 2015


Can free access to WiFi keep your surroundings clean? Yes, it can! And two young innovators actually made that possible.

The ‘WiFi Thrash Bin’ gives free WiFi access to those who keep their surroundings clean.

While visiting the NH7 Weekender Festival in Pune, techies Prateek Agarwal and Raj Desai came up the idea of using thrash to generate free WiFi. The idea not only helps people in keeping their surroundings clean but also remain ‘well connected’.



The idea of free WiFi came when the duo found themselves unable to keep in touch with friends from the place.

“It took us six hours to find our friends. Since there was no network, we could not reach them through a phone call. It was the trigger for the idea and we thought why not provide free WiFi to people using hotspots.”

Why ‘trash’ bin? Because they also saw that the fest, being one of the biggest in the country, was synonymous with food and drinks along with the music. Piles of garbage was thus a by-product.


The idea was simple:

Whenever someone dumps trash into the bin, a unique code is generated which can be used to gain access to free WiFi.

While the initiative, with a little help from telecom operators MTS, has proved to be a success at the various Weekender Festivals, it is yet to become operational at other events.



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