Two Friends Started A Free Ambulance Service After Death Of Friend Who Couldn’t Reach Hospital

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3:35 pm 12 Sep, 2016

Many in India die because they are unable to reach the hospital on time. It was the death of one their closest friends due to a similar reason that prompted Ravindranath Verma and Avinash Kumar to start their own ambulance service in their native state of Jharkhand.

Three years ago, a friend of theirs met with an accident in Pune. He could not survive because there was a delay in taking him to the hospital.

So heartbroken were Verma and Kumar with the death of their friend that they decided to launch their own ambulance service in their home town of Jharia Baniyahar near Dhanbad.


Their objective was to ensure that no one dies from failing to reach the hospital.

The two friends use their Tata Sumo as an ambulance for those in need of it. In internal areas such as Jharia Baiyahar, such a service is a blessing for the people.

The money they earn from renting the Sumo out for the day helps them to meet the cost of the free ambulance service they carry out in the night.

It is not that the ambulances are meant only for night. The two friends take those in need to the hospital even in day time without cost.

Avinash says that they have helped around 50 people reach the hospital in the last three years.


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